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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • Instant region entrance is annoying/Cross World PQ

    Anyone else annoyed by this?
  • Instant region entrance is annoying/Cross World PQ

    So I live in Europe.. every time I log in my NA account it automatically takes me in to Luna. (Where I have 0 characters)

    Let me also mention the fact that when you hit the region select button you have a pretty high chance of the game freezing up.. ( I am now on a Windows 10 top of the line pc and I still get crashes and freezes/errors in the client) Where anything else that hasn't happened.

    I thought this was going to be a good change where it would remember the last region you went in but seems it takes you to whatever region you actually live in.

    I have two accounts , One has characters in Europe and one has characters in NA.. Please change how this works so whenever you log in an account it would remember your region or maybe give people the option to disable it as well as they might have one account with characters in EU/NA and they could decide which they would like to play.

    Oh and fix cross world party quest it's really difficult finding a party when the lobby you go in is completely random.. before you had channel selection. In addition removing the limit would increase participation and make the game more community based like it used to be.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    Another ridiculous change , are they actually trying to make people stop playing? It's like every patch something negative happens lately.
  • Who ISN'T transferring to Bera?

    Staying in my main home GRAZED
  • maplestory 2 confirmed?????????????????

    there would be no point in releasing a north american english version of maple story 2. the game would totally flop, it's play style has nothing in common with maplestory the original. i am attracted to maplestory due to it being a classic 2d side scroller that is updated to be current. if i wanted to play a 3d mmorpg it wouldn;t be maplestory 2 it would be like diablo 3 or something else entirely.

    lol please , you don't know if it would flop or not. The control scheme of the game is pretty similar actually , you play mainly with the keyboard . Just because it's not a side scroller doesn't mean people won't play it. Just because you won't doesn't mean others won't. Diablo 3 isn't an mmorpg either...

    Some games do better in different parts of the world you never know until it's released in that area and has been out for a bit.