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I play in GRAZED leading 3 guilds, Wrath Syndicate and Exempt. My second server is Reboot. I also play in Luna as I live in Europe. I also play KMS Luna server as well as MapleStory 2 Korea
  • Frustrated about the state of the game

    Double miracle time notifications , why? they just create lag and are annoying
  • Is Breakthough going to be extended?

    I don't think the event was long enough personally..
  • Goodbye MS

    funny thing is in an interview, the NA CEO said he wanted to make games more about the players and less about money.

    More games wouldn't mean more money if they treat them the same..
  • Reconsider the In-game name Cooldown

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Envo wrote: »
    Arwoo, thank you for joining the discussion.

    First, I'd like to ask you something; you said, in your post, that the name cooldown feature has surprised you as well. I'm assuming you are referring to the Nexon America dev and community teams, is that correct? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    If this is the case, it brings up a very important issue players are having with Nexon these days - how is it, that the team implementing patches and updates, is not aware of what they are implementing? This is truly controversial to us.

    Second, to answer your question: I believe the player consensus is to allow the first-come, first-serve system for name selection.

    You're correct in stating that the change surprised our team. Unfortunately, there is no excuse that I can provide for this oversight. Often times, these are the results of miscommunication from our internal teams on the contents of the patch. However, no side or individual is to blame as accountability is a shared responsibility.

    Nexon needs to improve it's communication internally and externally. We want more communication from them not just you .
  • is anyone else having a problem

    Just dont tell anyone that name

    I think you miss the point..