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  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Can we recommend pets here? I thought this was a really neat suggestion (was in General Chat tho):
    Classic pet Request!

    I'd forgotten that a lot of the classic pets aren't available in perm form. I don't even know when/if most of them were ever offered as perm... Last one I remember was Kino two years ago I think? Offering perm versions of pets like Kargo, Jr. Reaper, Brown Kitty, Robo, for a limited time might earn you some nostalgia $$$. Would also be a good follow-up to that perm nx sale a week ago, with such nostalgic gems as the White Beanie and Red Checkered Shirt lol (where were the Ripped Jeans though?)

    Also, may as well put in Fennec Fox while you're at it.
  • Feeding Multiple Pets

    It should feed based who the hungriest pet is... Ties seem to be broken by whoever the first pet is. Are you sure all of your pets aren't full? If you're purposely trying to lower your pet's closeness by cramming food down their throat (lol), then either put that pet in slot 1, or unequip your other pets.
  • The best thing to ever happen

    Maybe if enough people delete their Jetts in protest, Nexon'll revert it lolol.
  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.

    Merging all of them into one seems a little extreme, but I'd be all for it. Isn't it just the worst thing ever to meet someone else that plays MapleStory, then you ask them what server they play in, and they say <server that's not yours>, and you're like aww. I feel like MMO's nowadays should ditch the whole separate server concept...

    At the very least, merge GRAZED with something. If we merged with MYBCKN, it'd still be pretty dead, but not that dead. Seems like a good compromise. I dunno how Khroa is, but if it's also feeling dead, it could merge with Bera. I think Windia and Scania are fine as-is.

    And yes, a fair amount of people have quit because their servers are "dead". I've known a few people like this, and I don't even really socialize that much lol. That may not be the case on Reboot, Scania, or Windia (because duh, those servers aren't dead). But GRAZED? This definitely happens.

    I also find it hard to believe that 40 people make up less than .1% of the population. That implies there are over 40k active MapleStory players. I guess it depends on your definition of "active", though. But even padding that number with thousands of bots, I don't think there are over 40k "active" (let's define it as unique players that have logged in for the past week) players. If we extend it to a month AND include the bots (including the ones that got banned), then maybe. Since don't like 8-10k get banned a week or something?
  • Anyone notice the AB's new 5th skill bug?

    I'd be fine with the korean dub, honestly. I never did like the Dress-Up song lol.