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  • Give 2h weapons a 1h version, cash item or anvil.

    Ha. I'm the opposite, like the guy above me.


    On the left is how I want to hold my bunny. On the right is how my character holds the bunny. It's good in its own way (face is completely visible), but I always loved how my marksman would hug his bunny like that... I always thought the way marksmen hug their crossbows in general was pretty cool. The small, lower leveled ones, that is. All the higher leveled ones seemed to be huge monstrosities that block out your face.

    Either way, it'd be nice if we could choose how we want to hold our weapon.
  • Server instability megathread

    I like it. It's a boss that puts f2p'ers and whales on even ground. Luna has the advantage cuz flames, though.
  • Anyone else getting this message when....

    hahahaha grazed hitting max concurrent users, that's a good one.
  • In need of some help

    What's your ign? I can give you a cra set if you want.
  • So do we accept losses because of instability?

    AlexF wrote: »
    You have massive walls of text - so It's very difficult for me to read this. I'll just ask questions;

    1) You had hammer slots applied to the pendant?
    2) How many successful scrolls were applied to the pendant before the CSS process began?

    What it looks like is that the CSS removed the failed slots and this is why it says 0 are applied.

    0 hammers? I don't think CSS can ever remove hammer slots. If a hammer fails (or the scroll applied to the hammer slot fails), the css doesn't undo the hammer being applied; it just gives the slot the hammer should have given. Like, say I have a clean sup gollux ring with two failed hammers (so 6 upgrades remaining, can't hammer anymore). I css the two failed hammers, and now it says 8 upgrades remaining, without me having to apply another pair of hammers. At least, that's been my experience with hammers iirc.

    Dunno if I'm following the conversation correctly though lol. This whole thread is confusing.