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I'm a Fennekin! (a.k.a. a web and mobile app developer)
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Wow, wasn't expecting the crossover you talked about to come that quickly.

    Do Konosuba next pls
  • Your top 3 Maple memories!

    1. Winning a Ryko Chair in Gachapon and getting spammed with offers (I think this was just like a month or two after the chair first got released lol, since it was when Aran was released). Someone hacked my account sometime between 2012-2015 and took it though :( people keep telling me there was a leak or something, and I'm like, really? Either way, I was really sad when I did finally come back in 2015 lol.
    2. Unlocking Snipe on my Marksman and hitting near the 200k damage cap every 5ish mins lol.
    3. Getting the Lotus Leaf Chair from the Cake vs Pie coin shop and having people offer me huge sums of mesos whenever I sat on it lol (it was untradeable though)

    Ughh, there're so many others though lol. Like all the days doing LPQ/KPQ (sometimes CPQ), clearing GPQ for the first time with the best guild ever, getting my first job advancement at lvl 12 cuz I didn't know any better, and omg, I LOVED starting fresh on a newly-opened server. I think I started a bit after Broa came out and all my middle school friends were playing that world so I joined them. Played again when Bellocan came out, then moved to Mardia when that came out, then quit til Galicia came out. Something about starting over in a new server with everyone on the same footing just felt great lol. Too bad there probably aren't any new servers coming out soon.

    More recently, MMF and Secret Stories come to mind. Maybe Heroes of Maple. Hitting the damage cap pre-V, getting 2m-2m range, soloing CRA/hmag... the last few achievements don't excite me as much though lol. Probably cuz they're still fresh in my head. I felt the adrenaline for a few seconds watching cvellum's health drop to 0, but after that, I'm like great, another thing I have to do every week.
  • The new maplestory achievements and goals thread

    HNNNNNNNGH finally attack speed IA lol. After god knows how much honor. I only had like 45k saved up this time, but I figured what the hell, I'll roll anyway. Got it on my last roll xD. Now I need a good second line. Hopefully crit rate. Been missing 9% since I rerolled my bpots last miracle time.

    My main goal is to get my kishin to 220. Been holding off on this for waaaay too long. I was content with her at 210 when Chu Chu came out, cuz I was getting good exp at Depths. But it's starting to slow down a bit since I'm overleveled I think lol. Plus I could use some lach symbols. I'm thinking of getting my HSlave to 210 this weekend to help with this, then finding a good anime to watch and leeching my kishin next weekend.

    From battle statistics, , she gets like 3.3b/hr on 1x (including one detour with a balrog and a portal, so it's a pretty liberal estimate). So with 2x card plus 2x rp plus 2x event + 1.5x RP, that's 12x, which means like 40b/hr. I think it's like 210b for 214 -> 220. So I just gotta leech her for like 5 hours? Which seems very doable. But I also feel like I did something wrong, cuz that seems kinda fast lol.

    I also wanna get my PB to 200 and clear all the quests for the title. Don't wanna keep relying on these event titles lol. My fallback title is the Heroes of Maple one...
  • What is the best cut of steak you had so far?

    A good ole Tofu Steak..............

    lol jk, ribeye's where it's at. Prime rib used to be my fave, but I prefer ribeyes now for some reason.
  • Attendance ended early?

    Listen, I could absolutely tell you right now that having the event end on April 19 makes no sense. The attendance had two weeks' worth of prizes. That's 14 days. How in the blazes do you suppose we get the prize for the 14th day when we only have 13 days to complete it (thanks maintenance)? Are we supposed to bend space-time?

    It actually is 14 days. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 = 14 days I think. But still, there was only like 5ish hours to do the first day so most people missed it due to work, school, etc.

    I personally can't complete it either way, but it sucks for the people that thought they could despite missing the first day.