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  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Okhura wrote: »
    If we remove hackers from the equation, would anyone miss it for any other reason?

    Well there's still the fact that we can't find MVP casters / item sellers / people usually whisper for help whenever I use a megaphone so using find is easier to get to them / elite monster help / tracking down friends from my bishop / avoiding people with L/I in their names as they try to impersonate someone

    I'm sure there's plenty of reasons why find is used by everyone but it's so greatly benefitting hackers it's stupid, it's to the point where hackers are saying it's harassment to record them in-game so removing find was a good thing
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    I just wanted to mention that while it has become extremely hard for me to track down and report hackers, The GM team has managed to ban 5 of the 10+ hackers I have managed to record

    While it took them quiet awhile to do so, I'm still happy to see them act (though I hope they can speed it up.. :()
  • [REQUEST] More Communication From Nexon Employees

    Yes please, The VFMs have more presence than Nexon but the most they can do is pass on concerns which end up with no response.. (/Find command and 0 response from Nexon)
  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Hey guys, this may or may not concern many players but for people like me, its heartbreaking..
    In KMS, there was a patch that made it so /Find command was removed and Teleport rock had become an on/off option in settings menu which allowed you to choose if you wanted people to teleport to you or not.

    In KMS this was added due to the amount of stalkers that streamers recieved and such which does not seem to be a major issue in GMS, now in GMS there is a huge problem with hackers... Hackers can appear offline so my only method of finding, recording and reporting them is to use the Hyper Teleport rock and /Find command.

    IF we get the new change from KMS, this will pretty much shut down one of the only ways of tracking down hackers for reporting which will become a huge problem as hackers start to climb up ranks more and more.. I wish Nexon would please re-consider the adding of this option (if it was going to be added)

    Edit: Late edit but as we saw, Nexon has decided to add this feature but that doesn't mean we can't reverse it
  • *NEW* Cash Shop Suggestions Thread

    That's not entirely true. As krsk wrote: "If you agree with a suggestion made by another member of the community and would like to see it in a future cash shop rotation, please make sure to hit the like button to show your interest and support

    You just answered yourself.. If you don't like it, don't press the like button.. There's also no need to comment on it... This whole thing is pretty stupid