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  • [Suggestion] Q&A?

    Too many good questions get ignored due to too many questions being asked at a single time. They should put these forum moderators to good use and have them compile a list of the most important questions and have THEM ask Nexon the questions. That way, we know that our questions will not get ignored and if they choose to half-answer a question, then we'll also know they are full of it incompetent.

    Do we really care how bad the answer is as long as they're honest at this point?
  • No response from Nexon, do you care about us?

    @Tuba Ignore that xionoco guy. He's either a troll or someone who Nexon pays to make them look good. I argued with him a while back and realized i just wasted my time. He has no idea what he's talking about and i doubt he even plays this game consistently enough to justify the things he says.
  • I'd like to suggest fixing the hacker problem.


    If only it were that easy to just "suggest" things and have Nexon actually care. They are well aware of hackers being very common in many different places. Many awesome and efficient suggestions have been made in the past, such as making the process of creating new accounts MUCH harder than it already is so that hackers can't always come back so easily when they get banned. Sadly, it just seems like Nexon likes having hackers around to stimulate the economy. If you haven't noticed, a lot of the items that many players use on a daily basis( epic potential, clean slate, innocence, protection scrolls, golden hammers, etc) are amassed in HUGE quantities by hackers and sold at a somewhat cheap price in the FM. Can you imagine how expensive those items will be if there were even 50% less hackers? Casual players will be even more discouraged to want to upgrade their items since Maplestory has become a "pay2win" kind of game. And Nexon will lose many players/potential customers.

    Anyways, that's just my theory on it all. Even though it makes sense, Idk what Nexon knows.
  • Known Instability Issues - 12/24

    Just like you always do... hooray more temporary fixes.
  • Nexon, you have no shame.

    Anyone who works/represents Nexon should be ashamed of themselves. This half-ass company truly is pathetic. That is all.