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  • BFF event exp is unfair

    LittleTLK wrote: »
    selfish and crazy people omg

    but you dont complain about botters ? and how they ruin the market ? ohh wait thats oke with you .....

    I made a thread specifically against botting and how it's damaging the game.
    Don't make assumptions.

    How am I being a hypocrite?

    Ok, then why not have nexon just release an event that automatically levels your character from 1 to 200?
    Oh what's that? That's insane? But it's a "good" thing, why are you complaining?

    The long and short of it is that the exp from the event is excessive and allowing players to level far far too quickly than was ever intended. There's something wrong if you're able to get from 226->230 in under 24 hours.
    Who leveled from 226-230 is 24 hours and where's your proof?

    I've lost all faith in this community.
    You're all spoiled and care nothing about balance in the game.
    I truly cannot believe there are so many people like this playing this game.

    Who leveled from 226-230 is 24 hours and where's your proof? Actually don't answer that, it's against the ToS to name ppl. But if you say the rankings, I just want to point out that the rankings do not update in realtime(meaning if i gain 20bil exp today it might take more than a day to update). No one knows how accurate the ranking system. And 226-230 in 24 hrs is do-able under the right conditions. So idk why you're making such a big deal out of it.

    This is why you're a hypocrite ~~> http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/comment/25135/#Comment_25135

    Also, don't presume to know what my response would be if Nexon released an event that "automatically" levels my character from 1-200. Granted, I already have 40 characters lv 200 or higher. However, I would gladly accept a free lv 200 character without complaining. We have had more than enough issues with Maple to start complaining about Good things. All you're doing is ruining this great opportunity to make up for lost time caused by lag, disconnections, maintenances, updates, and the lack of 2x events.

    How could you have lost faith in this community when it seems like you just joined in December? You can't lose something you don't have and you don't know what this community has had to offer in terms of "balance" to Maplestory. If you did, you would have more than 20 posts.

    Anyways, I'm getting too sucked into this thread. You seem to be trolling.
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    I will never understand why people complain about things being too good.
    JettLuvsUBladeSusanooBooberpuppylapcanRereXemnKonarixXSkyXxDoughclon987and 1 other.
  • Why?

    StuffStuff wrote: »
    For those of you that are not aware, Nexon bought MapleStory many years ago, from Wizet. Nexon did NOT create MapleStory. I ask of anyone who's reading this, to very carefully research what Nexon's most popular game is. It's MapleStory. Nexon's most popular game is a game they did not even create. This game has wonderful amazing potential, and Nexon ruins it every chance they get. I only ask Two things from you Nexon. I am from Beta, I've been loyal for over 12 years in this game. I have stuck through every patch. And every patch you put out has so many problems.

    1: Why are you not firing certain people, it's been 12 years?
    2: Why are you not getting better servers, you clearly have the money?

    1) that's a mean thing to say :( those people probably have families. Why fire them?
    2)"clearly" they don't, or else they would have by now? Maybe they released the MVP system now bcus they need our help generating more $ for those new servers.
  • Changes I want to see in MapleStory

    I'm pretty sure anyone who plays this game will agree with ALL those change. But cmon guys let's be serious, I doubt even half will be implemented or even considered.... this year.

    All these suggestions should be compiled into a megethread and sorted by which is more important or has a bigger impact. Perhaps make a poll like Michael did with the V patch when he had a huge poll with all the classes. That way, we the people, could vote on which changes Nexon should work on first.
  • MVP system

    It just sucks that they re;e
    They would rather put in systems like this instead of working more on fixes just says it all doesn't it?

    Eh, they're just giving whales rewards for being whales. Can't say I blame them, really. It's not that big of a deal to me, personally. Also, I've seen some improvements elsewhere and seem to be crashing less. Not entirely perfect, but things are getting better, imo. Also, players had their wishes respected of no 2x (lag) weekend events and they seem to be slipping us 1 hour 2x coupons here and there instead. That's a pretty big deal and step forward, if you ask me. That's not to say they don't need to give some much due attention to many other things, but hey, what we are seeing thus far is better than nothing at all.

    iirc, players wished for the removal of 2x events in turn for 2x coupons that could stack with other coupons(just like event). But we never got the coupons. We also didn't get a notice that Nexon would actually take half of our suggestion and apply it. But I suppose you're right, " thus far is better than nothing at all".