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  • Am I the only one?

    Chukki wrote: »

    I spent a lot of money to support Nexon and hopefully my money would be supported into improving the game. I haven't seen much progress but I will pray to God that this game will be better.

    You should spend more money. Nexon is struggling and we need to support them financially so we may all get the things we want in Maplestory.
  • Known Issues After 2/16 Maintenance

    and to make my comment more understandable, the post i quoted was "incompetent"

    yes that's the prevailing theme at nexon these days, it's like you are now shocked when things do work and its probably just completely accidental when it does happen, it's quite obvious they do zero testing on their patches at this point and are completely clueless or more likely unwilling to spend the money required when it comes ot addressing the stability and lag issues, but it's hopeless and we'd be better off standing in the forest screaming at a tree then trying to get nexon's attention or hope anything changes. One random example at nexon at it's finest... players complain for weeks about the event hall lag, they finally move the npc and coin shop out of the event hall for a week, only to then put them all back in there again while players continue to tell them they cant access it, and the best we get is a 6 year on going investigation that is obviously either not happening or being done by someone that is uttely clueless

    Yup! Basically. But God forbid the Fangblade NPC is broken and needs an emergency fix.
  • Known Issues After 2/16 Maintenance

    If this doesn't prove that Nexon does not check their maintenance after they are complete, then idk what does. Except for people who just log on and afk, those are ALL things that almost EVERY player does. Did any GM or whatever monkey works there check their inventory, or skills, or equips, or enter a different map, or enter the cash shop??? Clearly they do not play this game. This is unbelievable. This is like getting spit right in the face and then have to hear an apology for it.
  • From Awesome event to EWWW event

    My view:
    1)5% Crit damage is insane amount of output still.
    2)its permitting people to clear Lucid, you shouldn't be able to clear because of a buff. People had to fund to clear, and I think this is much better

    Do you know just how much people had to fund to kill lucid? It's not fair to make it so everyone has to spend like $3k-$8k USD to kill Lucid. And this is irrelevant anyways who cares about Lucid. The majority of MS does not even have enough Arcane Force to do significant dmg to her with or without the 20% buff. And "insane" is not even that great its only 5% and the buff goes away. After this event, permanently.
  • MASSIVE HACKER AT 10 YEar HERB all channels

    July wrote: »
    Neospector wrote: »
    While you haven't mentioned any usernames (which is explicitly against the rules), I will point out that the forums are not the place to report players.
    Please report players in-game or through the support website.

    Both methods useless.

    So I understand why this guy looking for a 3rd one.
    I could not agree more. L>4th method