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  • Please let us turn smegas off.

    Poplmon wrote: »
    Also give us gay marriage, it's 2020.

    Yeah? Well it was 2019, 2018 2017 and probably 2016 at some point. Why's it matter?

    This remains the single worst reasoning for doing something that has ever been. So what if it's 2020? "It's <current year>" has absolutely no meaning or merit to it. It's a hand-wave, a cop-out. It shows that you can't come up with a single compelling argument in favor of a change being made.

    And before anyone decides to open their mouths about it, I have no issue with same-sex marriage. I take issue with the argument of "it's <current year> already, just do it". It's devoid of any substance or merit, it's low-effort. If you really care about something, put up an actual argument instead of pointing at the calendar.
  • Can't find black cube bought w/ maple reward pts

    Cash shop purchases, including reward point shop, go into your cash storage. From there, you move them into your inventory.
  • We Need to Talk About Masteria

    darik wrote: »
    Damn i like the feedback, really well written and touching crucial points. If anything to add would be the prices of gollux items, they are way too high in my opinion, it takes way too long to get 750 coins, i understand its end game, but theres other end game content that can be achieved/obtained faster, so why make gollux items so hard to obtain?

    Given the amount of reboot players I've seen over time gripe about having a weeks-long dry spell on any superior drops from hellux pre-revamp, I can't say the 750 coin cost is excessive. You either get lucky and get the drops you need, or you get shafted on drops long enough that you can just outright buy what won't drop. It's not a complete departure from what people had already been dealing with, just now there's a diligence backstop.

    I do agree with Beef though, hellux needs to drop all four pieces instead of functioning exactly like pre-revamp hellux in only dropping half of the set.
  • accessibiltiy issue: colour of arrow command

    Trust me, you're far from the only person who hates those arrows. They're borderline illegible in most maps, and that's not even taking into account colorblindness and related issues.
  • Fairy Bros' Golden Giveaway Event

    You might be getting on after daily reset, so your "Friday and Saturday" is Saturday and Sunday as far as the server itself is concerned, while your "Sunday never gives me 2" is actually Monday server-time.