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  • I Got Scammed 100$

    Cadena91 wrote: »
    Gotta agree with them. this game has owners and the owners are nexon, which means they're the "police" in our game and they're the ones that responsibility for everything such as taking care of scammers like these bots they've mentioned.

    For example, say nexon would do their job and got rid of them, no one would have to lose their money from the first place...
    Not everyone is as smart as you of not buying from those sites and dodging all troubles and such in games and life, we have 7 billion people in the world and we're all different and we can all make mistakes.

    But I do believe that the blame falls on nexon though, due to the reason I just mentioned, nexon is responsibility for taking care of scammers and such.

    First order of business, please read my edited post. Secondly, do you really believe they do nothing about the spamming bots? That all of these bans for advertising are just for show? I suppose next you're going to tell me platforms like youtube are at fault for the disgusting things some people try to upload.
  • I Got Scammed 100$

    So you... you tried to buy mesos from the gold-selling site, got scammed, and somehow it's nexon's fault? Am I reading this properly? That you went to a site to buy mesos that are known to be gathered by bots?
    1 of our guild members also got scammed by them a couple days ago, blame nexon for not banning every single 1 of them, it's all nexon's fault.
    there are many innonce maplers out there who don't know about these scammers and those scammers are taking advantage of the situation.

    I personally blame nexon and nexon only.

    Boy howdy that's a hot take. I don't know how to describe this post without simply calling it stupid, there are so many layers here that are just wrong. The first layer is that the names are always gibberish, as if the names were created via an alphanumeric string generator. The second is that the url in their messages is always broken up so as to avoid their messages being censored by the chat filter. The third is the occasionally-rotating yellow notice message in the chat box that states that buying mesos or items outside is against the terms of service.

    If you get past all of these, thinking it's all on the up-and-up, buy the mesos anyway, and get screwed out of your money, then it's wholly on the individual.
  • Make Denaro Obtainable in Events (Reboot)

    To my knowledge, you can't run commerci with 0 items. You need at least one. And the lowest cost is 4 denaros.
  • Make Denaro Obtainable in Events (Reboot)

    I swear there's been one single event I've seen in six years with denaro in its coin shop.
  • Greetings from CM Kyrios

    o **** waddup