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  • Suggestion: Actually Care About Suggestions

    The players here (who actually play the game) have a lot of valuable feedback all the time

    Disagree. There's some valuable feedback occasionally, and good suggestions less often.

    Part of the problem with suggestions being implemented is the implementation itself. The suggestions that aren't garbage have to be fit into Korea's development schedule, which for gms is set in stone at least six months out. Suggestions have to be deemed worthwhile to forward to Korea(since, contrary to what certain people like to believe, there is no local developer team for gms; only an overseas team working in Korea), and then deemed worth following through and implementing and working into development cycles. I don't know precisely how the process works, but it's never going to be as simple as someone making a suggestion and having it show up ingame in three weeks.
  • He stalk us for 3+ months....

    I'll get straight to the point but this cannot continue.

    There's an individual in Henesys that has been harassmenting over 30+ people, yes 30+ people, including me and my friends.
    He's using multiple accounts and computers I believe (also using hacks), in order to mass defame me and everyone else, stalking us and covering our characters with his huge chairs, spamm us in all chat and whispers, also says false accusations that we're all scammers and hackers.... there were already few people out there (real randoms) that asked me why I "scamm".....
    He follow us everywhere we go, even though we're offline mode, he still manage to find us...

    It's been over 3 months now, I've never imagined in my entire life that there could be someone out there that'd actually do all this for so long, it's as if he never sleeps and eat, it's really scary me a bit, but at the same time, it's also annoying cause whenever we log on he's there, we move somewhere else and he's there, he is just always there doing all these horrible things :(

    Nexon please do something about him, we've reported him like 100 times so far but nothing T.T

    Do you have screenshots? If you don't, now is a good time to start doing so. Take screenshots of every instance of this person harassing you. Tell your friends to do the same. Keep at this for a week or so, then all of you compile your screenshots into like an imgur album or something similar and each of you send it off to support in your own ticket.
  • Official Discord Feedback Thread

    The discord server is seemingly only moderated by one moderator; AKradian. The other mods are either never active, don't moderate or are selective in how and who they moderate. For example, Neospector is selective in who he punishes, and it seems like he bans people for disagreeing with him.

    The only time some moderators are more active is when the CM is in the chat and something is going on.

    Generally, the maplestory discord is easy going and free of problems, but letting rebooters raid the discord not just once, but twice shows how lacking in moderating the server is.

    Agreed on the majority. Seemingly only two, maybe three, mods who aren't sporadic-at-best in their activity outside of full-on shitshows going down. Granted it's not as bad as the reddit discord was(and for all I know still is), wherein you'd ping a mod(or admin) and be met with outright annoyance bordering on hostility for it.
  • Seeking (easy) Magnus (simulator) guide

    Blue bars is a safety zone, basically. When you're outside of it, you take constant damage over time. I don't know why they elected to add this change, but there it is. You can attack him in the air, if you can reach him. Otherwise just stand directly beneath him so you don't get purple-koolaid'd to death. You can use potions, they're just on a five or ten second cooldown; y'know, for challenge or whatever.

    The only real guide for easy magnus is beat the ass out of him until he dies. It's normal and up where you get the fun stuff.
  • [NPC/Boss] Spirit of Harmony Recommended Changes

    The corrupted spirit fight is purely for the monster collection. There's no suitable field map for it to be in, so it's a refight through an npc.