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  • remove DMT 4 reboot forever, regular servers only!

    No regular servers need it, people paying rl money for dmt cubes on regular server. But rebooters ALL exploit DMT and save all their mesos and all their resources to never cube outside dmt. with all the sales higher tier chances etc. the effective play is, is to save enough mesos over 6 months to leg and roll on the cheap dmt only. Leading to an incredible turn out of players all wanting and doing the same thing. everyone stock piling for 1/3 to half a year then dump all on dmt. just seems exploititive even having dmt on reboot, time to never bring it back to reboot ever again...

    This post is an utter travesty. Do you even realize people other than yourself play this game?
  • Letting Reboot +_ its players down ones again

    It's actually because the burning world runs on regular-server rules, scrolling and bonus potential, and has worked exactly this way the many times kms has run the event.

    But don't let that get in the way of your righteous indignation.
  • Where's Anna?

    iMrChiefy wrote: »
    I have close to 100,000 hours invested into this game and and nearly the same amount in $, so im not going to just quit and move to another game, im going to speak up when i feel the devs arent doing their jobs. A hamster could communicate better than nexon does.
    I dont blame people for driving cars into their building, they deserve far worse imo. This game ruins lives in so many ways and nexon could give 2 F's

    100,000 hours is just under 11.5 years. According to google it's roughly 11.415525 years. So unless you've been playing for 16 hours per day, every day, since the game launched, I would ask that you tone down the hyperbole.

    And if you really do have "close to" 100,000 hours in this game, and nearly as much money spent, that alludes more to problems you need to address for yourself, rather than pin onto any one entity.
  • Overalls vs Top + Bottom

    Quickest way to fix this would be to have overall potentials count x2 like stars do and modify their base and bonus(flame, scroll, star) stats to be comparable to a top+bottom
  • Bring Back Potential Badges Add Gay Marriage

    Honestly I would contend that marriage as a whole is utterly pointless at this stage and should wholly be removed.