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  • Prime Scroll in Coin shop & scroll in Gacha

    Dear Nexon, I just wanna give a suggestion for the future coin shop event, Can we have some Prime scroll too? You can make it Untradeable and sell it for 100 or 200 coins each just like the 9th Anniversarry, the time when we got the first prime scroll from Anniversarry event, Please? So many players who can't afford them to buy from market..so they have a chance to get from the event.

    One more thing, can you replace the 60% scroll from Gacha like Spear for attack, staff for matk, etc..and replace them with Shield for Matk 60% and 50%, and 10%, Shield for attk 60%, 50% and 10% and 9th anniversarry scroll (not prime) and prime scroll instead? None wants the 60% scroll weapon attk and matk anymore today since we have traces.

    Keyan the Evan
  • Frankenbalrog

    We should be able to use skill attack. For example I am a Battle mage, I can use Finishing Blow although it gives only 1 dmg. So this will give a chance to kill it

    UPDATE: I just killed 1. Just using Yellow Aura if you are a Battle Mage :D

    Last second before the Frankenbalrog died..

    Got 4 Maple Anniv boxes

  • Please bring back Herb & Mining Core to Evo Lab

    Well..I don't ask them to put the core back in the store. First you have to get the core from the drop which drop rarely. Then you can use the core. Don't forget that Nexon has nerfed the timer to 15 minutes and only 3x to enter Evo. So it won't be as insane as before. If they wanted, make it all the drop gear don't give any effect in evo lab. Only 2x drop coupon (cash, blue, lucky winter etc), familiar and the raising %drop core and 2x drop event.

    The problem is Alchemist hurts alot since they removed this feature from Evo Lab. Almost all the high pot needs Juniper berry seed and it's so rare to get. And you need alot to make just for 1 potion .

    I suggest maybe make the cubic and chaos cubic drop in Evo Lab too. Rare core and rare drop...
  • Please bring back Herb & Mining Core to Evo Lab

    Can Nexon please bring back the drop core for Herb & Mining? You don't need to make these core drop alot. Make it rare , but at least, we still be able to obtain this. It won't hurt alot since Nexon has shortened the time in Evo lab and we can only 3X Entering it.

    Otherwise, what's the point we have 6 slots accelerator + 1 special one ? What should we put there? Cos i usually put drop core, monster pop, herb core, mining core , herb drop% and mining drop%. Sometimes i put the Cygnus or other nub monsters...but without herb and mining...what's the point now?

  • From Awesome event to EWWW event

    SERIOUSLY NEXON! Why do u nerf again the chocho buff? can we just enjoy a bit a little buff ? Just because one person complain because she/he can't sell his cra stuff and blame it on chocho buff then u just do what he asked for?
    This event just a short time..and u lower it again to 5% from 20% ..then i don't bother to lvl y 250 anymore. Why? Because i have crit. dmg ring 5% , And it's a crap!
    If u didn't like the players to be able to kill boss, don't do this kind of event at all..it's just give me a cancer.
    If u didn't sincerely making an event that make the players happy, Don't do it at all..it's like u give a hope then u kill it.

    Not just event, also the skill and many more. You always revamp it then nerf it.