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May 4, 1978
  • How to disable Message from spam user. very lag

    Haven't been on for a while but last time I was on, I kept seeing the TigerSmega 12 times in a minute, from one person, yelling about "GET RICH WITH [Removed]!" Each time shaking my screen, even with the shake option off, making my comp lag and just when it gets clear enough that the enemies are moving, TigerSmega hits again.
    Nexon, can we at least stop with the screen shake with the smegas?
  • [Petition] for Nexon to make old IGNs available

    Just my Two mesos...
    I think a rolling name hunt would work... well would normally work without a hitch but this is Nexon we're talking about.
    Basically every year on a certain date the servers would look at how long an account hasn't logged on or is perma banned for five years.
    Those accounts would have the names freed up, But the accounts would still be there, just with numerical names. So if you haven't logged in for four years and then log on. the timer resets and you're safe for another four years 364 days. This would free up names every year that there are accounts that haven't logged on in five years.
    Would this satisfy everyone's conditions?
  • Let's Share our Embarrassing moments

    This one is one that is of no fault of my own.

    When I was in Junior High (grades 8 and 9), the boy's locker room for PE (Physical Education) was actually the weight room. There was two actual locker rooms but the boy's was exclusively used for the Football team. So we got changed in the weight room.
    This worked most of the time since we usually did aerobic exercises. Well a few of us were changing into our gym clothing for PE when the girl's coach took about ten of the girls into the weight room early so that all the girls get a chance to use the equipment without confirming that the boys were out. There was a scream from one of the girls, the girl's coach runs in and sees us in various states of dress and begins yelling at us. I was currently nude since I was wearing long underwear to combat the winter weather and had to change into briefs. We were all taken to the principal's office in our various states of dress. with me only wearing the briefs I had half way up my legs.
    Boy's coach then walked into the principal's office and told him that the girl's coach ignored the fact that the weight room was the boy's changing area and didn't bother checking first. We were still forced to take a Detention for indecent exposure to the girls to make the girl's coach happy, but Detention for that day was test out all the sports balls and sort them into piles of inflated, under inflated and flat, even checking pressure with the gauges which we all liked to do.
  • Error on using Storage Room expansion

    I think they should just give you the one slot
  • Afterlands last lock

    For the last year.. Come on programmers... Sneak us a fix, I know the bigwigs want you to focus on cash shop dependant content but don't forget the Afterlands