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May 4, 1978
  • Should I job change or make a new character? Hmm..

    Burning event coming.. 3 levels for each one you grind. I have multiple classes and grind whichever catches my interest
  • A new kind of cheaters, have you encounter those?

    Here we see the invasive species Boturus Blazikis or Blazewizbot. THey have the ability to strike much further than should be possible but as an invasive species they dominate the area they are introduced. There is the new breed a translucent Kanna known as Kanna Botura which is a hidden version of Kanna that can also strike faster and further than the normal Kanna can. The only species that can keep them at bay is the rarely seen and possibly extinct Gee'emmus or commonly called GMs. They used to be a plentiful and fickle breed but sightings of thier activities have been less and less noticed with fears that such a grand species has gone extinct due to the Monehgrabbus taking over their nests and destroying the young found there, putting their own offspring in it's place often calling out "Cahshoppa! Cahshoppa! KarrrrmKoin!" The Monehgrabbus is often seen polishing shiny things like cubes of various colors and tickets that seem to fit into a strange clown shaped idol.
    Strange species indeed.
  • How active are your GMs on your server?

    Years ago I met one on Bera. Lets call him GMBeraLeeThere. GMBeraLeeThere would TP into the map I was reporting a vac-hacker and then threaten me with banning me for harassing someone that is only just trying to keep the maps clean. 0_0 doowutnao? He's watching someone sucking up everyone's drops in mid air and then vanishing to another channel. I'm not against someone running around with three pets to collect the things but teh hack was getting everything that pets coudn't get like fresh drops. I kept reporting 3847234u0 and e034703000 and 374723984 for it and GMBeraLeeThere would come and tell me that those people are doing a service by vac-hacking up all the stuff that drops.

    Thankfully I've been able to report the hackers without getting told not to by the GMs for a few years now. Seems that nexon caught him and a few others being bullies.
    Though given that the ingame report button doesn't seem to work anymore, and reporting through the site keeps getting me 'Thank you for the report, we will investigate as soon as we can' I'm not holding my breath in seeing those hackers dealt with anytime soon.
  • MVP Rewards. Scam?

    Dominiko wrote: »
    This only means... Rewards for fools ...
    A fool and his money are soon parted
  • Report bad live chat GMs?

    I'm just glad they purged the GMs that kept telling me that if I keep reporting the vac-hackers that I'd be banned.