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May 4, 1978
  • Maint

    I hear that Nexon intended to remove the lag trio. So now Cassandra is running around casting curses at them. And that Maple Admin is swinging Gaga's briefcase like a weapon.
  • Suggestion - fix the freaking event hall lag!

    Suggestion: Event Hall fix = Evict Cassandra, Gaga, and Maple Admin to a room of thier own or just in the Event notifier. Just get those Lag Monsters Out of the Event Hall Please.
  • Do you think pink bean class should be permanent?

    I woudn't mind if they make PB permenant as a side game, much like the Farm thing. I could see minigames with PB like racing through Henesys chasing after miniblack beans under a timer. Rewards would be mesos, mystery boxes with tradable weapons and armor, pb chairs.
  • Event hall lag is ridiculous

    okay try starting the game back up and while it's starting after you put in your PIN or what it's called now, start tapping up repeatedly but nto too quickly and if you're in luck, you'll be close enough to the portal to portal out
    But yeah. We tell Nexon 'These three NPCs are causing issues, please put in a room alone." and nexon said "Oh I hear you love our Event Hall... we'll put these three in to ruin your day... we'd say have a nice one but we are putting the troublesome NPCs into the room you like"
  • Nexon changing Donald

    Geminia wrote: »
    LazyKai120 wrote: »
    too late to ask but How the [balrog] was Delivery Donald used? I have never seen any sort of event or such to use him.

    He was used to gift items to other accounts you own or other players who weren't online.

    No, that was Duey and that function hasn't existed in many years. Donald was, roughly, a way for GMs to gift to players, and it has either never been used or the circumstances for its use have been absurdly low. I'm pretty sure the devs don't even know that Donald is different from Duey and has been a complete waste of coding.

    Do you think Donald would mind if Gaga, Cassandra and Maple Admin carpool with him on the way out?