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    Do elements even matter in the game as it is / why do elements still exist if its still poorly explained and uncommonly used?
    All attacks in the game are elemental (things that don't fall under the six elements of fire, ice, lighting, poison, holy, and dark are put in the catch all category of "physical"), and most of the bosses released after like Pink Bean resist every element including physical. I assume the "Elemental Ignore" is there to mitigate the damage reduction from elemental resistances.

    Since all the bosses are resistant to every element equally, it kind of doesn't really matter what element your attack is, as far as bossing goes. This is probably a limitation of how our element system currently works, there's only 4 possible interactions, either it's weak to (double damage), neutral to (normal damage), resistant against (half damage), or immune to (you deal 1s). I guess Pokemon has the same system of interactions and it seems to work for them, but we have fewer elements, and since they removed Elemental Composition for F/P and I/L and dual charging for Paladins, there's no concept of dual elements (which were different anyway, it was just half and half rather than both, so the maximum damage multiplier was just 2x rather than 4x), and monsters don't really intrinsically belong to certain elements, their elemental properties are just encoded as a list of interactions, for example, Ice Drakes don't belong to the "Ice" element, it's just a list that says it's weak to fire, resistant to ice, and neutral to everything else. It's kind of the same thing, but it opens up the possibility of monsters being weak to one element and not resisting the "opposite" element.