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  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    And 14 Mee have similar if not Better stats then a 24 / 25 Star Forced item ( so actually making sw have MEE stars is even worse then letting it have normal 25 star force upper limit )

    Giving an item MEE stars doesn't mean the item gets MEE stats, an example being when Starforce was released in GMS and several equips were glitched and had blue stars. This didn't change the stats on the items, it just makes it un-starforceable.
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    And the third typical pinch point is that you have correctly identified that nebulites are in a sorry state but have failed to even mention improving them.

    Short term gain until the next even stronger boss comes out that you'll need AO and nebs to beat.

    We will never have a boss that you need nebs and AO to beat. We are the only server with this kind of nebulite system. It was short sighted to add them in the first place, and it quickly degraded from this neat idea where you could find and use specific nebulites on your equips when it was announced to another paywalled upgrading system. Hell, our hopes were dashed before it even launched, when extractions revealed the existence of the nebulite box and alien cubes, and after the patch, we quickly found out that you could only get one B rank nebulite from boxes per day, and then they hugely decreased the drop rate of nebulite boxes. The only other server with nebulites is CMS, and you can only put them in the alien themed equips or one anniversary face accessory. There is almost no chance they will ever do anything about nebulites, they haven't so far and no other servers have this problem, and hence, wouldn't do anything to solve it, so what's the point of supporting this stagnant system? Why not just get rid of them and replace them with additional options?

    Additional options provide variety in equipment. For newer and weaker players, this means you can pick up equips that will be useful, you don't just have to basically use the same equips until you get a CRA set. This mean there's some point in getting new equips, every CRA hat won't be the same as every other CRA hat and there'd be a difference in market value. Accessory Crafting would receive the ability to craft flames, giving players the ability to change their options, and hopefully, but not likely, make some money by selling flames (most likely via service, I suppose, if they make them like our crafted cubes).

    Additional Options are freely available to everyone, unlike nebulites, where the only options are to gamble or dish out billions of mesos. Flames are not the only way to change them. You can hunt for new equips, you can fuse equips with alchemy to get a new equip with different additional options. Given that weaker players probably have equips that they could more easily replace, like with epic potentials, which, with transfer hammer and occult cubes, makes it easier than ever to replace, it's much more viable for them to hunt for new equips or fuse for them, while stronger players would probably just want to flame their already created equips.
  • Don't nerf the drop rate system like KMS did

    Rolls wrote: »
    In that patch that changes nodestones, the amount of EXP needed to level nodes is also being increased to counteract that. In the end it balances out with it taking even a little more to max out a node. Nexon isn't doing crap to make things easier for people.

    They reverted all the changes to the node exp table between the test server and the live server, so, no, the amount of EXP needed to level nodes isn't being increased, and it is in fact easier.

  • Skill Cooldowns? How do they work?

    I understand it would be broken if I could shoot something like that out without any restriction whatsoever. Which sucks and doesn't make sense. I would like to have my Orbital Inferno lowered to 3 seconds.

    Cooldown reduction (and also buff duration, when applicable) generally don't apply to hyper skills, 5th job skills, and select other skills, like Aran's Adrenaline Rush. This is because they only intend for you to be able to use it as much as the skill dictates, rather than being able to use it more often, or experience the effects of buffs for longer durations.

    But they added a minimum of 5 seconds simply because you could get to a point where you could shoot things like that out (specifically Demon Avenger's Nether Shield), with much less cooldown than intended because you can get multiple cooldown reduction potentials.
  • Accented Names "?" than the actual accent mark

    I have the same issue, it's because my computer's language for non-unicode programs is set to Korean (Korea). You can find this setting under the Control Panel -> Clock, Language, and Region settings -> Region -> Administrative, at least, under Windows 10. I know for sure if it's set to English (United States), the accents show up properly.