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  • Upcoming 5th skill names - PLEASE CHANGE MECH'S!!!

    Arwoo wrote: »
    Can I ask where you found out the name to be Fire at Will for GMS? Thanks!

    I don't know if this is how they found the name, but a lot of the skills which are prereqs for the new 5th job skills mention the new skills already, for example, for Mechanic:


    Judging from the Korean version of the skills, it seems that 'Fire at Will' is the name of the new 5th job skill.

    These are all the skills I can find, so I dunno if this is all of them, which have references to the new 5th job skills somewhere in their descriptions:
    Fire/Poison Archmage: Ifrit - Fury of Ifrit
    Bishop: Righteously Indignant - Peacemaker
    Corsair: Nautilus Strike - Nautilus Assault

    Nightwalker: Bat Affinity III - Shadow Bite

    Aran: Beyond Blade + its Hypers and Boost Nodes - Fenelle Crash
    Mercedes: Ishtar's Ring, Spirit of Elluel - The Breath of Irkalla
    Shade: Spirit Claw + its Hypers and Boost Nodes - True Spirit Claw
    Luminous: Ender - Swords of Light and Darkness

    Blaster: Magnum Punch, Double Blast, Bobbing, Weaving, Hammer Smash, Muzzle Flash, Shotgun Punch - Burning Breaker
    Battle Mage: Battle Rage - Grim Harvest
    Xenon: Hypogram Field and its variations - Hypogram Field : Fusion

    Kaiser: Gigas Wave + its Hypers and Boost Nodes - Draco Wave
    Cadena: Chain Arts: Trash IV - Chain Arts: Maelstrom

    Kinesis: Psychic Clutch - Ultimate - Psychic Bullet

    Ark: Endless Nightmare - Nightmare Escape
  • Auction house API key to boost the economy in MS

    There is already a feature for this for your world. If you look up an item on the AH and it is there, you can select it and press the "Search(?) Market price" button in the bottom right to see price trends over a limited time (at least 6 months).

    You can also just search for the item in the corresponding category on the left hand side while on the Market Price tab to search for the item without needing one that is currently listed. I believe there's also a future update to the Auction House in the Korean server that fixes the top search box to work correctly in the Market Price tab (that is, to search in Market Price when you're on that tab, instead of searching through current listings)
  • Fairy Bros Daily Gift?

    The event menu (calendar icon) -> Daily Gift

  • Bidding on Auction House

    They had offering, at least, in the Korean version and they took it out before we ever got Auction House.

    There was apparently a big problem with all the lowball offers people would get, and apparently people were scamming each other by sending offers where the message would state the price of the item the seller listed it for, but actually only put up one meso.

    These things are pretty easily fixed, but they just got rid of it altogether, so I'm guessing they're not really thinking about putting it back in any time soon.
  • Discovery Field ending too soon

    Yoongi wrote: »
    Grinding is at least more helpful for your character though. I'm trying out a lot of characters atm and it's much preferable to be able to level up while grinding for ARK coins. Unless I'm mistaken, Fishing isn't granting me any exp. That's why I prefer the field one. I'm much more into grinding than playing games that aren't helping advance my level. Plus I find the fishing game to be tedious and boring, frankly.

    I enjoy Discovery Weather a lot more than Field, especially for leveling since it comes with an EXP bonus. I think it's a bit better for points as well, depending on how fast you kill.

    I'm killing about 75 mobs per 30 seconds on my Paladin which I'm mostly just concerned about farming points on, so ultimately, I get 2250 points per 1k mobs with weather (one full cycle of weather buffs) vs 1k points (1 point per mob) + 240 points (80 per elite mob, about 3 elite mobs in 1k normal mobs) + a max of 200 points (10 points per combo orb, a maxiumum of 20 combo orbs in 1k mobs) for a total of just 1440 points in 1k mobs with Discovery Field (runes and elite bosses are a bit tougher to count since runes depend on time and elite bosses depend on time and kills, hell, even elite mobs are a bit generous since at 75 mobs per 30 seconds, I'd never get 3 elite mobs in a span of 1k kills), plus you'd get even more with kishin or frenzy