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For the past few days I been trying my best to inform Nexon about recent false bans. My main account, a 232 Bishop Apocalyptian is one of them. I have over 1.5 mil contribs in our guild Akashic and close to 7000 legion. Getting a top legion (or at least on the list) has been a long time goal of mine. I have a 5 month old baby daughter and I end up afking alot more than I would like to admit. Lately I have also been lagging and dcing about 6 or 7 times before being able to log in. I was banned falsely due to "hacking and use of third party programs" I have been asking in the map where you get exp or coins overnight and I went to log the other day to find my account was banned. I was floored and confused, sad and frustrated. I can assure you with all I been through on my account I would never hack. I have no need or desire to do so. I been playing for over 13 -14 years and am proud to be legit.


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  • False bans back again?

    My husband and I lead the guild Akashic in Elysium. It's one of the oldest guilds still active from Broa. I made it back in like 2008 or 2009. Been so long I don't even remember anymore. We were 19th before the guild revamp and went up to 7 before we had to kick a few inactives for more space. That rank thing is a funny thing in itself. It restarts every week. I read too once you get your guild to level 30 you don't even show up on the rankings at all anymore...so odd right?
    Also did you get to do guild PQ? It's so easy and you only get points for it (when it's not glitched of course) we don't even get a fun rewards room like before. I think I like the old one better it was like a puzzle and we all had to come together to solve it. They could have just expanded on that idea ya know?
  • False bans back again?

    My husband and I are still waiting on a response from the senior gm but on the more positive side, I been making posts about this issue on Facebook under thier incessant hype about Adele coming out.
    I about laughed my butt off at this..but this morning I woke up to a notification I have a "top fan" badge for thier MapleStory page in Facebook! I'm like...gee thanks? Oh the irony right?
    Now once again, I ask...is that the actions a hacker would make? To try and raise awareness of this problem to help others suffering the same fate? I think not!
  • False bans back again?

    Just posted a link to this forum post to Facebook under another post bragging about thier new content coming up. I'm so bored and upset I'm about to do it to all of them till someone stops me. I commented on everything since it started there is no possible way they can't know they have a serious problem on thier hands!
  • False bans back again?

    So many people are being effected by this and it's so heartbreaking.
    As of today we still have not heard any news. I been checking on the site and also left the moderator of the ban list posting a message underneath that in hopes they can find out something or even look into it. The sooner they give my account back the better I will feel. It would be peace of mind if anything since I did nothing wrong to deserve such harsh treatment and punishment when I am an innocent among many other high leveled legits.
    If they don't get it figured out by the time Adele is released it would be an even more crushing blow. I'm so close to 7000 legion it's not even funny :( with all the work and time put into that account and about 1.5mil contribs in our guild I would say the evidence speaks for itself. A hacker wouldn't have any of those things, only a legit who loves thier guild and stays in it forever.
    I still am at a loss for words. 4 days and no solution...only silence and finding more people with this same problem. It may take time, but something has to give I can't give up my account means too much to me, and the people I have gotten to know and love while playing on it. (I'm talking to you DeathsLie, love you girl from the bottom of my squirrelly heart)
    I will check back later tonight and see what's going on again. And as always good luck on your tickets and your accounts. Keep me posted on updates too. We are all in this together now. Your not alone, and don't forget that!
  • False bans back again?

    Yup they said the same to me too. My husband had been talking technical stuff with them that the computers we have literally have nothing in them that would even cause such a thing to happen. I got an email earlier this morning (read above) and am still waiting to hear back after that.
    I didn't sleep much last night just worried.