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just been playing this game sence 2008 Jan.


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April 28, 1984
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Veteren Mapler (for maplestory.)
  • What’s your favorite jobs you like to played as?

    Warrior: Paladin, Kaiser, Dawnwarrior, Aran, and Zero (storywise when first released.).
    Archer: Wind Archer,
    Mage: Healer, Luminious, and that elf class whats his name he was fun, and that other guy who can lift stuff and throw at people,Evan.
    Pirate: Bucc, Shade, Mechanic,Possussed arm dude elven dude. recent newer class,and lastly that girl who had a arm cannon with a pervy Dragon talking to her xD.)
    Theif: Nightlord, Nightwalker, Duel Blade (Most Faved.), Cadena, Phantom. :)
  • Create a 5th job skill!

    i still enjoyed what i wrote passionately for the paladin idea. i still wish to this day some GM saw this and thought hey i really think that is a good idea. =) but explorers are ignored and everything seems unbalanced. some company nexon is only caring about milking this game but using it for better things for this game. idk anymore.. ._.
  • MS2 Celebration Hot Week

    i got a unicorn pet. so that is going to my new paladin. but its not a perma and i have a 8 slot thing but i dont know who should use that...
  • If the hacker issue won't be addressed...

    eats a Sandwich and watches this topic go forward....
  • Thinking of coming back

    YinYangX wrote: »
    i want to grind and get to level 200 on a explorer or something. and adventures... i am on scania... anyone else on that server with a active endgame goal? i want to do stuff and have fun again.... i put most of my time and effort into that server, and some linkskills, done. just dont have a level 200 toon yet. xD zero is almost there. it is around 139/190ish atm... :( sighs and no i am not going to bera because of the bots there. sighs. but if i have to fine. it will be tough to get something going again...

    I'm in Scania and I'm planning on end game goals (soloing weekly bosses, reach high floors in dojo, etc). Feel free to buddy list me, Cygnus277. Part of an active guild + alliance that would be glad to have you. =)

    awesome. umm what guild are you in atm? and what does the Alliance do? does everyone help everybody out? i have a Cygnus Toon i wanted to Main upto level 200 or get my Healer/Bishop to lvl 200 first off i guess :( and some other things i wanted to really get out of the way. there was alot i missed out on. and i can tell the grind is rough after level 200.