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just been playing this game sence 2008 Jan.


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April 28, 1984
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Veteren Mapler (for maplestory.)
  • Nexon should buff map spawns and remove kishin

    personally, at first when she came out. i enjoyed what her class was, but it felt more of a mage/warrior... her power wasnt mage style at all, and yes her abilitie was to spawn more mobs. but i would perfer to redo her class all together and turn her into a class mage. give her a staff and side weapon a new weapon magic blade. or ninja type magic blade. fighting spiritual powers, a healer abilitie so it can another healer type class too. and maybe 10% exp buff with the spawn abilitie. give her that jump abilitie that cygnus knights have, and the forward jump thing. her and that samurai. it would be neat. but i doubt it would happen.
  • Crusader Codex...so broken.

    that is seriously screwed up they want us to play their game, they need to fix this game. there is no need in doing card sets anymore if we arent allowed to complete them. talk about lazy work. and we have a new patch coming in. nothing but more broken content coming in. thanks to NA Nexon ...
  • Dream Defender Thread

    that is pretty good compared to my skill with evan. wow you even surprized me there EvanTrinity.
  • Open Idea: Idea for Auction house.

    something hit my mind when woke up, and i remembered how fun it was to get some kool interesting items from the old MTS back then, and when they closed that down, we had free market. well now free market is soon no more. so in order to unite all the servers and including reboot somehow, is to have Auction House allowing all players sell and buy stuff so its equal coin going and coming, but what do you all think?? your thoughts are important too.
  • disregard: ring of torment now updated!

    well its a ring of torment for nothing, more exp to earn but at a harsh cost. what a dark ring this is.. i must have it. :P