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  • Really Nexon? LOL

    I think the legal trouble comes when you spend money for the chance at gaining something with also the chance of getting absolutely nothing. Not sure how that works in MMOs, but with NX you always get something when you spend NX currency, be it for better or worse.
  • A better Maple: Filter chat for the text's writer

    Absolutely YES. There is no reason whatsoever that a person should not know when they are being censored, especially with a text system that is so absurdly oversensitive to detecting what it considers to be cuss words. If Nexon insists that our sentences are going to continue to be obliterated by asterisks (even in places they shouldn't be) we should at least be spared the inconvenience of not knowing about it unless informed by the recipient(s).
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    You're getting such hate for a reason. It's not so much that you may have caused it, but the fact that you supported them changing it, when the rest of us knew exactly what would happen if Nexon tampered with it, which is the results of that gone live now, which is virtually NO EXP BONUS compared to before, literally a 99.9% nerf.

    Just do us all a favor and shut up now, please.
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    seriously, people can't let good things happen... they complain get it nerf then complain about it being nerfed... like seriously use it to your advantage, its not an isolated event where only a few can do it, you have the means to do it as well so why are you complaining. just because you were probably lazy to do the dam event,people rejecting you or aborting after the mp stage don't ruin it for others.. smh this is why we can't have good things

    IDK which is sadder, the fact that we already know exactly what Nexon are doing here even without them giving us explanation about it,
    or that this entire thread even exists in the first place. Nexon have no concept of doing anything but completely destroying the event in question. Like I've said before, it's all or nothing. There is no in between, no slight or reasonable adjustment. They will completely f--k this event to the point of no participation, mark my words.

    This company is absolutely unparalleled when it comes to disappointing a playerbase with screwing us out of a good meaningful event, and now the community is starting to match that with these posts of begging for nerfs on the few good things in the few aspects of events keeping us coming back to the game, only to have them yanked directly from underneath our feet every single time. I don't typically hate this hard, but to those of you doing these type of posts and ruining things for the rest of us, be glad I don't know who you are in real life. I'd bust your face to unrecognizable levels.
  • BFF event exp is unfair

    @LittleTLK - I'm taking a trip to hell tonight to personally begin construction on a special room for you there.

    The inevitable nerf is probably heading down the pipes already. The OP (which I'd get in trouble for calling what I really want to call them on here) seems to be attempting to expedite its arrival. Whew. I'm just gonna stop at that, because I'm tempted to say a lot more, and believe me I so could. Just ask around.

    All it takes is a very small nudge and you'll get what you want with this sort of thing, LittleTLK. I think Nexon has a special wire set up to alert them to people requesting nerfs to good events, and big red lights with sirens that go off all over the building and send out text messages to gaming special ops on-call employees to get them directly to da choppa, then right on this sort of thing immediately.