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  • Reboot meso nerfs

    Just look at the MVP reward event, and now this. It's pretty obvious what they're shooting for here. I think it's a bit too much nerfing on the meso-centered server, personally. At best, it seems like a lazy approach to solve the seemingly everlasting botting issue in BG, but that PoT nerf was so below the belt, man.

    Yes, there are still ways to make mesos, but not much that any one will want to put themselves through daily for weeks and weeks just to lose it all on a big bad luck run of cubing and/or star forcing. It happens too often and gets old, and those good meso farming spots were a blessing of a shortcut to re-pumping the meso funds, if you felt so inclined.

    Maybe they plan to do more events that grant mesos or something, who knows yet, but I wouldn't count on it and they probably aren't going to be open about their full plans regarding this.
  • Maint

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Considering that "our concern" has historically been multiple threads crying about constant extensions, I'm sure you can see why they'd opt for "until further notice" messages.

    You act like people have no right to complain when they aren't satisfied with Nexon's way of doing things. You always rear your self-righteous head at these times, white shining armor donned, sword and shield in hand, ready to knock down any one who shows any level of dissatisfaction or discontent with this company. What you're going up against is human nature, and you're going to lose. The translation is this- that underneath the complaints are people who are passionate about this game and want to see real improvements.

    Basically you're advocating a focus on the negative on Nexon's behalf, excusing them for supposedly responding to only the dissatisfaction of players and customers by restricting or punishing every one equally. Okie dok. You know what? Regardless of how much people complain, I believe a company should keep a professional attitude about such matters if they want to continue to do business. In fact, rather than dish out punishment or restriction for negative feedback, they should stay even more steadfast and work even harder to deliver amplified quality and reassurance to their players/customers.

    The level of compliments versus complaints are a barometer of success to a business, pointing to the fact that they need to change things for the better, yet Nexon doesn't do much in the way of changing their practices when it comes to a lot of these issues, or they change them for the worse. So yeah buddy, you're gonna hear it from us 'till we see changes for the better.
  • MVP system

    They would rather put in systems like this instead of working more on fixes just says it all doesn't it?

    Eh, they're just giving whales rewards for being whales. Can't say I blame them, really. It's not that big of a deal to me, personally. Also, I've seen some improvements elsewhere and seem to be crashing less. Not entirely perfect, but things are getting better, imo. Also, players had their wishes respected of no 2x (lag) weekend events and they seem to be slipping us 1 hour 2x coupons here and there instead. That's a pretty big deal and step forward, if you ask me. That's not to say they don't need to give some much due attention to many other things, but hey, what we are seeing thus far is better than nothing at all.
  • Choco Buff (Nerf)

    Drakeos99 wrote: »
    Would like a Nexon Staff to lock and close this thread ASAP

    Are you regretting posting this in the first place? What's said is said, bro. Pretty much every one that is active on this forum has read your original post and responded accordingly.

    No one that I know of really wanted this nerf to happen. The first adjustment was sort of OK and admittedly understandable from a certain perspective. However, the second nerf was just, in my opinion, a d**k move toward the players. In other words, they took it too far.

    Backpedaling TWICE to our detriment with changes to this live event just reflects poor judgement and a lack of understanding of the game's balance and mechanics on behalf of the company, if you ask me. We, the players, are the ones who suffer the effects and disappointments as a result of that. They should have been more sorted and gripped than this before the release of the event so that we would not have had to taste such manna from heaven, only to have it abruptly swiped from our grasp (and then have salt poured in the wound later on) because of Nexon's poor judgement. People do not like that.

    In my opinion, the only thing left for you to do now is to issue an apology if you sincerely regret posting about it with such a disapproving tone. Honestly, I get it. It seems that you released a hound upon the community and did not understand the full consequences of that action. I've been guilty of it myself. Gain some honor and admit to your mistake instead of trying to have it wiped off the records. You can't erase digital permanence.
    Keyan the EvanPirateIzzyIts2Sharp4UZeldaOfHyrule
  • Choco Buff (Nerf)

    Also, nice giant edit of your original post, I think it's too late now too edit though.

    (to anyone just coming to this thread, it's previous title was "people abusing bossing with new chocolate buff" and complained about how strong it was, then it got nerfed, and he completely edited his original post and title.)

    Yes, I had to go back to one of my previous posts and edit it after seeing him do this a bit ago. I think he did it because of something I said a little earlier. No guarantee this is true, but it almost felt to me like he wanted to make me look like (to any one who had not previously seen the post) I didn't know what I was talking about in reference to the original title. This also makes a lot of other people's replies look nonsensical, such as AKradian's reply immediately after, asking "How is this "abuse"?"

    Had to change mine from this - "I thought from the title of your post that you didn't want the buff at all in the first place."

    to this- "I thought from the original title of your post (now changed) that you didn't want the buff at all in the first place."

    I really don't think edits to the original post's text and title should be allowed by the OP this much later on, especially considering that the entire thread's discussion was built around the original and somewhat click-baity title which garnered thousands of views and several pages of replies.
    Keyan the Evan