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  • Compilation: New Ways of Obtaining Meso / Nebulite

    I appreciate your efforts to point out alternatives, but skirting around the changes and settling for less than table scraps compared to what we had is no way to go about making a change for the better and get Reboot back to where it needs to be with meso gains. That only shows Nexon that we are willing to take it over a barrel with no lube. No thanks.
  • Leave Explorer's Cruel Ring alone

    @Arwoo, I just want you to know that I appreciate you, kid. You take a lot of crap on behalf of a company with a severely damaged reputation. I know you aren't the real shotcaller here, more of a mouth for Nexon...but I think you might actually be able to make a difference with enough use of that voice. That is all we really hope for here.

    Now, if the company you work for will actually do more than just "listen" and actually RESPOND ACCORDINGLY with reasonable actions to stop blatantly screwing players over, effectively biting the hands that feed them, they might just stand a fighting chance of not just surviving but actually thriving once again.
  • Leave Explorer's Cruel Ring alone

    I just got home and heard this news. I had to look before I leaped...

    Between this and the the bosses changes (among other things), I'm wondering if I should do the update installation and even give this game the undeserved login statistic.
  • Upcoming Boss Reward system changes

    I've said it all along, they hate Reboot with a passionate disgust and regret ever implementing it. Every update, they put another nail in that server's coffin. It's almost like they want to force every one back to pay servers by making Reboot intensely unappealing or something. Not like the other servers exactly like this particular change, but Reboot is centered around mesos for gains. They just cut off more of that supply, yet again... Seems they want it to look like coincidence or accident, but can not cover up these tracks. Insulting.

  • Princess No and her ambitions

    Ok this is a No-brainer (har har) but yeah, we get it. Princess No and her blue text ambitions...

    Hey eye zan...Hi eee zan Hi eh....hmm.