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  • Choco Buff (Nerf)

    Drakeos99 wrote: »
    Okay nerfing Boss/Crit is now 5% little to far now myshade can't solo anything due to losing 40% of his damage geee thanks nexon more reason to wanting to stop playing and my damage is weak even with %stats on my gear i was hitting 1.4k and now im hitting 700-800k around 175+ either give back our buff or remove iit entirely

    Now you get on here and whine? Dude, you are the one who started this post, complaining about it being too powerful. People are theorizing that Nexon immediately went all hands on deck to fulfill your wish of going nurf'd to the ground with this buff because of this post. I thought from the original title of your post (now changed) that you didn't want the buff at all in the first place.

    Perhaps in the future you'll learn to sit on your hands when you think of coming on these forums and asking to get nurf'd. Don't worry, Nexon will take care to do so without your request, because they love ruining everyone's day when it comes to nice events, but it won't exactly win you any community awards to post like you did, and especially when you do a 180 and contradict your own post later down the road when you see just how low Nexon will stoop for you.

    Keyan the Evan
  • Upcoming forced usage of Nexon launcher annoyance

    Aggraphine wrote: »
    Doesn't really help when every single thing they do is criticized. No matter what it is, it's either not good enough, or not fast enough. No one's ever happy with anything they do. And please, spare me the past two months' worth of server issues, I'm well aware at this point, since you and everyone else just loves to whine about it in every medium they can get away with. But what I'm talking about goes back far beyond that. I can't think of a single thing Nexon has done in the past year that the community as a whole has gone "well hey this is pretty awesome, good job Nexon!". Can you find one thing that the community hasn't sat here and complained about?

    @Aggraphine - My god, you are a stubborn one. Yes, some times there are ridiculous and outright nitpicky complaints floating around on here, but this is one a very critical decision that will more or less impact every player in a negative way. You are very much looking like a fool for calling every one else wrong for not wanting to see this happen.

    This potential forced change is a terrible idea for obvious reasons. As a company, you don't just go shoving only one option down everyone's throat like this when that option is nowhere near perfected, very unstable, will inevitably cause many people many more problems than necessary, and most especially when we already have a more stable option that almost every one uses...BECAUSE IT IS CURRENTLY THE MOST STABLE OPTION. That adage "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" comes to mind, and what they are doing is removing something that already works pretty well with something that is overall flawed and broken.

    Holding off with this change until the time comes where the Nexon Launcher works as well or better than the GameLauncher is obviously the better choice here. I honestly can not believe that you do not see this simple fact, and have even resorted to attacking others in this thread just to stand your ground with your white knighting for Nexon.

    So whether you like it or not, you damn skippy we're gonna speak up on this one. I encourage every one who sees this thread to spread this message and do everything we can to let Nexon know that we do NOT want this change!
  • Nexon changing Donald

    The real reason is because he was grabbing too many players by the package.
  • This lag is ridiculous.

    People are more salty about the company Nexon itself and their poorly expressed leadership and lack of communication, yet continue to play Maplestory for the love of the GAME and hanging with their friends, not for the company itself. Admittedly, Nexon occasionally gets a few things right here and there, and it's like a real breath of fresh and promising air on days when that happens. BUT, by and large, it is obvious that they are not exactly on top of things when it comes to giving players what they REALLY want to see changed and doing said things in a timely manner.

    bumbertyr, take your foggy goggles off for a minute and look around. A lot of people are not happy with Nexon's lack of service and presentation when it comes to certain things, some of which have been going on senselessly for YEARS without being fixed, despite the endless complaints both on these forums and all over other gaming community sites...to say nothing of all the ninja nerfing they are so horrible about (lack of transparency/avoiding confrontation) among other things.

    The best we can do now in make jokes about it to alleviate some of the frustrations that come with the issues. The lag situation may not be the easiest thing to deal with as an MMO company and I get that, but the fact that they act all hunky-dory or dodgy about (working as intended!) it is what has a lot of players overall irked.
  • Thank You Nexon

    "An option to toggle the Maple VVorld Record notification on/off has been added. This feature is available by clicking the event quest '[VVorld Records] Record-breaking 101' and selecting 'Enable/Disable World Record Notifications'."

    That ROCKS. Thank you for listening to us about that. It really was a disruption to functionality during some events and bossing.

    We're always coming here and complaining about things, so it feels good to sing a praise for you doing something worthy of positive recognition for once. Again, thank you.