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  • We all want a merge

    and by the way, an alliance was first suggested in the earlier pages, but some of the people just want a merge and no exception. You have to convince your own side. Because those that don't want a full merge suggested alliances, and while some are okay with this suggestion, there are some on your side that aren't.

    Im sure most people didn't even know the difference between a merge or alliance, and most don't care which one is done as long the population of some servers increase, which an alliance or merge would effectively do.
  • We all want a merge

    Enokumo wrote: »
    Yeah no thank you, some people prefer a rather empty server than being overloaded with players (aka Reboot), don't believe everyone got the mindset that a quieter server is a bad thing. The only time I'd agree would be if it was like Europe MS' kradia and demethos server.

    That is absolutely fine to desire to be an underpopulated world, just not every single world but bera should be dead.
  • We all want a merge

    DSpellGuy wrote: »
    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Trystarr wrote: »
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    Gomenasai wrote: »
    but at least we, asians, have some manners
    Don't make this into some sort of racial debate.

    I agree with you, I don't want to get this thread closed before we possibly get another response from Nexon

    Why would Nexon respond again, when you all completely ignored Arwoo's first response, and continue to argue in the same circles?

    Also lets hope the next response by Nexon to this wildly popular complaint is posted on the homepage with an actual solution, not just a comment in a thread.

    Edit ** Lets also hope Nexon doesn't act out of spite and not solve a problem that is plaguing a significant portion of the population because a few people are bickering about it.

    Hey, where can I find more people like you?
    Also, when I've told to some people in the game about the fact that there are some people who are still bickering about not merging worlds and that they love being in a dead server, every single person I told him that, was really shocked and was like "This is a lie, they must take care of the majority first".

    It's also ridiculous because MapleStory is an MMPORG game, it must have as many people as possible, it's not an SG (Solo Game).... so basically if you want a dead server, then MapleStory, as an MMPORG game, is really just not for you.... -_-

    too bad they have set up many things as a solo player - looking at bosses, many you can go in as a "one-man party" and some after hitting a level limit you can solo [prior you need at least one other character in the party]. Grinding they've tried to address by adding bonus exp but that hasn't really done anything to improve. PQ's are still dead as it's (1) easier to grind elsewhere (2) rewards aren't worth it [high level entry, low level reward] and (3) the exp rate is for a majority isn't worthwhile.

    Fix the issue of making the game solo play first, because even if you merge everyone into one world like "the majority" push for, it's still not going to make it a MMORPG as a whole. It'll just put the entire populace [those numbers don't change for the game itself] into one world, that's all it'll do. It won't make it where people are partying up more than they do on the current worlds they play on. Sure it'll be likely to get a tele to bosses like Zak or Horntail, but will those people stay in the party? Likely not. Still solo play.

    But with the population as low as it is, if they had continued to make it a requirement to have another player to enter a boss, no one would be able to even enter boss battles, because you would never find anyone to meet those requirements. It is neccesary to provide the option of entering bosses solo as the game is now. Even if PQ's were more rewarding and a better way to level up, I would not be able to do them because I would never find anyone. Even when R&J was the best way to get to lvl 150, It took me a very long time to even find people( no one was on channel 1).

    As it is now, it wouldn't even matter if PQ's were the best way to level and gave the best rewards, they wouldn't be done in some servers. I don't think ignoring PQ's is the right path to take for the game, I would hope they would return as the best way of leveling, but only if each server has a healthy population that is sufficient enough to gather the required number of players to enter.
  • We all want a merge

    AKradian wrote: »
    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    Wouldn't having more channels and essentially making more of everyone's favorite map as effective as have a smaller population?

    Having more channels won't stop your conversation with your friends from being interrupted by smegas.
    It won't really make resources like Mysterious Veins more available, because people farm them on all channels in parallel.
    It won't stop randoms from hijacking your party when you boss queue.
    It won't even necessarily help you find a map to train in, because the bots will multiply to fill up all available space. After all, they'll have a bigger market to supply to, so they'll need more meso and elite boss drops to sell. (But I'm sure the bot-runners would love not having to split their forces between different worlds)
    And, depending on how Nexon is able to set up their hardware, it might not help the lag, either.

    If your argument is I need 20 channels all to myself, then well im not sure how to respond to you, and if you do have 20 channels to yourself, its probably indicative that there needs to be a change. Also, we wouldn't need as many channels as the people above said. Realistically 100-90 channels for one big mega world in Maplestory would be too much.

    I will concede that the points that you bring about bots is a real concern though.
  • Removing Nebs for Flames

    Lucsean99 wrote: »
    I'm lucky i didn't care about damage output. I always sold my nebs.

    Me too :)

    Honestly if one day I woke up and all potential stats were removed from the game that would make me so happy