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  • We all want a merge

    NicholasB wrote: »
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    Football5 wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    I'll say this again, the majority of players already made their decision, they wanted to be in a densely populated server, which is why they moved to Bera, those of you asking for a merge represent a small sample size of the population of players. You guys aren't the majority, you guys simply missed the event. So enough with majority and talks about those that want dead servers or a merge, because once again, the majority of players are already in a High Populated world. Those that wanted a larger community went to either reboot or bera.

    Those of us that didn't participate (willingly) are those that stayed in the world we were in. And then there's the group that missed the event for either having taken a break (personal choice) or something else.

    That's not entirely true.
    There are people who wanted to move to a bigger world, but didn't want to pay the price (losing marriage/buddies/guild/alliance, storage, cash items, monster collection, legion, etc). They want a merge so they can retain all these things and still gain a large population around them.

    I do agree that many people who stayed where they were, especially in worlds that have always been low-population (mostly those that make up MYBCKN and GRAZED), would likely choose to remain in a low-population world even if leaping incurred no loss. But you can't assume they all are like that.

    Which is why my suggestion is that, after Nexon allies the non-Reboot NA worlds into 2 or 3 world, people should be allowed to choose which of these worlds they wish to be in. Not have it imposed on them by where they were before.

    Let's face it, the best solution is 3 worlds in total, for example, Bera (alive world, a lot of people), Khaini (desolate world, very very low population) and Reboot.....
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    JushiroNet wrote: »
    With how small bacon is now even 5x the population would still make it a low pop server.

    Legit the only reason we are advocating for a mass merge. All nexon has to do to dispel this idea is to show us some numbers. I already said it, I will be willing to admit im wrong on this suggestion when that happens.

    Don't you get it? the majority in Bera are just botters.... I was in Henesys today and all I see are afkers everywhere (not that many as well), 10 botters in Henesys, but if you just go outside of henesys, you'll rarely run into legit players... and yet it still show that all the channels in bera are full.... HOW?! that doesn't make any sense...
    JushiroNet wrote: »
    They did show us numbers (unintentionally?) With the attendance meter for ark.

    and for the record I don't agree with going all the way to merging every normal world together.

    Scania + grazed + broni

    Would be what I would like. Or some combination of 3 normal servers... maybe 4.

    Nothing will be changed to be honest.... people are judging by the bars (they see the channels at every world), but that's completey wrong, why? because the majority (in bera for example) are botters, if you just go outside of henesys, you'll rarely run into legit players... and yet it still show that all the channels in bera are full.... how is that makes any sense? can you please explain this to me?
    The original 5 servers were Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia, and Khaini. Why cant that be an option instead of one big world

    Probably the worst idea I've read so far for today.
    5 Normal worlds? won't see nor feel any change at all...
    SadVirgin wrote: »
    The original 5 servers were Scania, Bera, Broa, Windia, and Khaini. Why cant that be an option instead of one big world

    Well Broa and Khaini are already combined.

    Exactly, that's why we must merge them as well into Bera.

    It was suggested before have to have one big world with 100 channels, OSRS has 50k people at any given time, and im sure thats more than this game, So i see it working

    actually osrs has 90 worlds not 100

    OSRS has around 60k-80k players.
    And about their amount of channels, yes I think it says everything about GMS channels....
    We barely have like what? 1k-1.5k players in Bera? (including botters which are the majority)
    And yet I've been crashing over and over when I train or boss (actually I'm just boss now since it's impossible to train because botters now has full control over all most of the maps and channels in Bera).

    Kind of depressing that runescape's old version of the game is doing better than Maple's only version
  • We all want a merge

    Another thread on dead servers. Nexon gotta respond soon
  • We all want a merge

    Yoongi wrote: »
    I really wish they would do this tbh. Before I took a hiatus, I used to be a dedicated Windia player, and I came back and was shocked to see how dead it was. Now I play in Bera -only- because it's the only non-reboot server that has people in it. But even on Bera finding people to boss with me or do PQ's is so darn hard. All GMS has to do is expand the max # of characters per server so we don't have to delete any, problem solved.

    Let's start this merge already, we're tired of waiting.....

    At this point il be happy with a world merge early 2019
  • We all want a merge

    Alantino wrote: »
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    Xionicomad wrote: »
    There is no excuse for this at all. Scania was ALWAYS the top server in terms of population (before ReBoot) and now it's one of the dead servers.

    If KMS can do a server merge then so can you guys NA Nexon. Honestly I think it's unfair to those who were on a hiatus during your transfer event. When I came back Scania was a desert with BARELY anyone around.

    A response about this would be great. At this point the community should at least get acknowledgement about this.

    You just took the words right out of my mouth.

    I am 1 of those lonely wolfs in Scania by the way :(
    But recently I started to log on less and less because honestly.... no one is around anymore...

    Looks like you might stop logging on all together, talked to someone from support (out of desperation) , and there is no plans this year to have a world transfer event or world merge.

    Omg.... please tell me you're joking T_T

    Not joking at all, the most we can do is make as much noise as possible on the forums, and hope for the best
  • We all want a merge

    2600 wrote: »
    Yeah let's have a world merge and then listen to a bunch of people cry about how it's hard to find a place to train at.

    This is way more preferable, I would love for this situation to be common once again. And if a merge is too difficult, can they just not make character world transfer available for those who choose to opt in? And those who don't want to transfer can stay in their dead world. I am more than willing to even pay for a world transfer.