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  • Aftermath of the World Leap.

    Catooolooo wrote: »
    Acgnolia wrote: »
    Chukki wrote: »
    It'll be awful for a new player that just started playing to see these worlds.

    I really hope Nexon starts thinking about merging servers because this isn't funny anymore.

    The goal here is for Nexon to bring in more NEW PLAYERS but this isn't helping it.

    More New Players = More Money

    The goal here is to construct the community, not deconstruct it.

    that new player stuff aint happening

    not without better than minimum effort advertising and better PR

    The game has reached its peak long ago, and has been declining for some time (which is normal for most games). But, the decline of this game is ridiculous, to just think that even a small wave of new players will sign up for this game is overly optimistic.

    It would be more rational to do everything to hold on people who have already played the game, and merge the dam servers, so the population isnt so low
  • An end to kill stealing aka ksing

    RichieHere wrote: »
    I’m sick and tired of op players especially during 2x events ks other players. Nexon this is ridiculous and it’s your fault this is happening. You don’t do nothing!

    I dont know what sever you are playing, but you should be thankful there's people that exist to ks you. I don't know about anyone else, but I actually miss people telling me to cc, or lagging out of the fm because it was too crowded
  • Simplify Worlds, Improve Population & Stability.

    Retr0_ wrote: »
    It would be nice if threads like this would make a difference at all. But they don't...dispite the fact that the community manager always posts stuff like "we hear you guys [...]" ( followed usually by a "but" ), they seem to take the easy way out. They just seem to follow kms's and tms's steps without hesitation. Which kinda makes me think if NA's HQs really have a thing to say about the game or they are forced to follow the older brothers steps. Regardless of which one is, i agree with them saying " we listen to you, guys" and all that. You do listen, but there is a slight difference between listening and understanding what we want. And you always seem to fail at the second one.

    Considering how dead some servers are, they must do something. As it stands its either make a new character on Bera or play a PURE SOLO game on other servers
  • Just logged onto my character on khaini

    I have been reading the forums lately and someone suggested to delete all the servers but Bera, Scania and Windia and make people in the deleted servers choose one of the three (i think that was the suggestion). With how the game population is, this seems like the most viable solution.
  • Just logged onto my character on khaini

    Found out I missed a world transfer, and everyone had the idea of going to Bera
    Its pretty much a pure solo game outside of Bera. There inst any shops fm1 to buy anything. Im guessing everyone who missed the transfer is expected to start fresh or quit