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So many bugs need to squashed in this game...


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  • Double Miracle Time Cube Package Limitation

    Players should not have to be responsible for providing links to how unprecedented this is.

    Ghiblee's responses on discord were as disappointed and disconnected as you might expect.


    And her response to someone doing a quick google search to provide context on what a normal DMT sale is like.

    Can't say I'm surprised by any of this though. Nexon seems like they want to further slow progression down, despite lowering Exp requirements. Hoping this all backfires on them and whoever is making these asinine decisions gets a reality check, but in all likelihood, players are desperate and will buy off sale.
  • Kanna Mains Chat

    • Demon Boss's verticle hitbox is smaller compared to what we saw in JMS.
    • Tengu's range it shorter than displayed in JMS.
    • Haunting received two nerfs one to its base damage to the first hit (reduced from 300% in JMS to 250%) and one to its node. It now gets 2%FD unlike the 7% (1st job boost) in JMS
    • Calculations for summon damage have been nerfed
    • Spirit Veins are incredibly hard to see with skill transparency on but playing without it is almost impossible due to the amount of skill spam.
    • No way to dispell barriers
    • Decent Combat Orders doesn't seem to affect skills
    • No new potential lines on Haku's fan, meaning Kanna's still must go for 3L magic attack.
    • Mana Balance costs 50% hp
    • Mana overload is working as intended now but it feels terrible to use especially since bosses do %HP attacks.
    • Mana Hyper stats are broken
    • Haku's blessing is nerfed from 48 to 40
    • Haku's Blessing is broken and not giving a buff despite showing as a buff.
    • Breath of the Unseen lost its 80% knockback resist and 40% IED
    • Haku's gift (healing) now only heals 80% and has a 2-minute cooldown (30 sec in JMS)
    • Foxfire now has a 55-second duration and a 60-second cooldown (use to be 40 seconds I believe)
    • Geomancy spread (increased number of spirit veins) has been reduced from 2 in JMS to 1 in GMS
    • Burning tons of nodes to get new Trios
    • Had to rebuy skill books...

    • Kishin nerf
    • Bind nerfs
    • Vanquishers does more damage but costs more and haunting nerfs mean VC is actually is still "better"
    • Barrier system
    • Blossom Barrier gives 60% damage reductions and 50% stance instead of 70% and 40% as in JMS.
    • Spirit Veins will be annoying
    • Final Damage was reduced due to soul sheer's removal leaving only domain and parties as Kanna's way to increase her FD. This may be a problem in the future.
    • Nightghost Guide is a nerfed version of Monkey Spirits. It's not great but ultimately insignificant
    • Blossom Barrier doesn't heal through potion lock for better or worse.
    • Bellflower Barrier changes: 20% damage +5% boss damage. Not sure what the point was.
    • No changes to Domain
    • Going to miss long teleport
    • Weird namings schemes...

    • Faster teleport
    • Teleport to spirit veins will be great to recover mana or avoid attacks in bosses
    • Blossom barrier heals HP at a good rate.
    • Flashy
    • Yosuzume mark is nice
    • Bellflower barrier hyper +20% boss is finally fixed.

    Quite a few of the cons were not present in JMS and reversing at least some of those changes would be good. RIght now Kanna is nowhere near the powerhouse she was speculated to be and in fact, is actually significantly weaker than before (which was already much weaker due to the old Haku nerf). Some of this is due to bugs which may get fixed in the first unscheduled maintenance, but I also worry that Nexon will not move quickly to address issues past that. This is made more concerning due to how slow they have been to address past issues with the class.
  • Third V skill on recently advanced characters?

    Only got the first 2 on my Dark Knight I advanced.

    Was actually hoping we were also getting the 2nd skill free too for previously advanced characters. I had gotten my AB to 200 maybe a couple months ago but didn't get spotlight. Ended up opening 100 nodes but still didn't get it :(
  • Ban Data from 11/01/2018 ~ 11/07/2018

    As Nexon knows, one of the issues with trying to report hackers is that they have the ability to nearly instantly change channels, enter the cash shop, or quit the game. This can make it very difficult to grab their name to report in-game or through customer support. It would be handy if when using the report feature, the name of the last player, other than yourself, was saved. This would help mitigate some of their ability to evade player detection.
  • [Announcement] Regarding Kanna's Haku's Blessing

    It's the big day, our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of the Haku nerf.

    Unfortunately, things are really no better now than they were a year ago. Despite promises to monitor Kanna's performance, there has been no movement to better balance the class. All we have are some vague hints that Nexon will use the feedback to "guide" them on the development of new 5th job skills, where the class ranks in popularity, power, etc will be taken into account. Sadly, data regarding popularity will likely be misleading. The class is not very popular to main or play normally, but due to it being at the top of the one computer solo farming meta and being used by a large majority of players on a second computer as a way to increase spawn rates for their mains, the number of characters is massively inflated. Maybe someone has realized this, but considering Nexon past actions I'm unconvinced.

    There's also the unspecified information about kishin coming soon, and I've seen an increasing number of people complain about our bind duration. Both will likely result in further nerfs without any recourse.

    I'm really just tired of non-KMS classes being treated as second-class citizens. There's no reason these issues should have dragged on so long. It took another 3 months and two patches for weapon drops from Hard bosses to get fixed, and then the players affected are told by support after being strung along that we're just going to have to do those bosses again and hope that a new weapon drops.

    Honestly, if things aren't better once the Black update is fully out, I'm probably going to close my fan and call it.