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Flames not working right on non-kms items?

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edited June 2018 in Bug Reporting
So, i was super excited to log on after the patch and use the 50 eternal rebirth flames from compensation on my weapon. Well, every flame i used never gave me any more than tier 3??? apparently eternal shouldn't give anything less than 4?? Now i'm super salty about this :( Hopefully this is a bug and i can get my flames back. i really wanted to get tier 6 :( Hopefully i can get my flames back when they fix it so i can try again.

Character: KINGFURRY
World: BERA
Level: 220
Date and Time: After The Ark Patch, around 8:50 EST or so

EDIT. just realized i never included weapon type and class. Its a beast tamer scepter, and im a beast tamer.


  • WhythoWhytho
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    edited June 2018
    Ark scroll seems to clear stats from 15* transposed tyrants on sweetwater. Please return it for me
  • CutyJerryCutyJerry
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    edited June 2018
    Yea, i haven't used my own flames on these because everyone said non-kms items are bugged and eternal flames dont give right tiers
    Character: CutyJerry
    World: Mardia
    Level: 229
  • DarkZettaDarkZetta
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    edited June 2018
    The general consensus from what people have figured out is all non-KMS gear is being classified as level 0 gear and stuff like Gollux equips aren't flagged as Boss gear.
  • DeathStarDeathStar
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    got a whopping 8 dex 8 luk on my superior gollux pendant and a single line of 18 luk on my SW hat lol

    hopefully there will be compensation for the flames used on non KMS gears

    and it's really annoying how only 4 of my equips are KMS equips.
  • AriesDRXAriesDRX
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    We are getting tier 1, 2, and 3 rolls on Gollux set, sweet water set, and pocket items when using eternal flames.

    We aren't supposed to be getting tier 1,2, 3 on these equips using eternal flames, but most of my rolls on all of those are below tier 4 when using eternal flames.

    This is a glitch/mistake right? Can a GM clarify on this because I've already used over 200 eternal flames and if this is a mistake then are we getting a refund on the flames we used on glitched items?
  • KaiserKYKaiserKY
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    yea i used like 200 on my pocket item too. stats was so bad. noticed too late about it being tier 1,2,3. hope they refund all the flames we used on these items that bugged
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    edited June 2018
    Please fix this!!! I just used over 200 eternal flames and got really bad results. I was so excited and now I'm so let down. =[
  • surisuri
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    Character: winner1
    Job Class: Nightlord
    World: BERA
    Level: 250
    Date and Time: Right After The Ark Patch ended and the game was available to play.

    I also have this issue I used between 80- 100 eternal flames on my Gollux equips and SW equips, as I logged in and starting using the flames right after the update so nobody could WARN me! On top of that chat is broken so I thought nobody could see me typing and I did not bother talking because of that.

    I too hope we will be reimbursed for those eternal flames we wasted on these Gollux and SW items.

    I am looking forward to receiving some clarification and communication from NX on this issue very soon ! Also please let us know if we will be compensated for our loss !

    Thanks in advance.

  • JalaJalaJalaJala
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    edited June 2018
    Can we get confirmation that NA Nexon plans to resolve this issue? I didn't see any mentions of this problem in the maintenance notes today. Seeing as this is a significant hindrance to in-game progression, wouldn't this be a priority to Nexon? We can't use the new flame system on half of our gear.
  • BubbleTBubbleT
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    edited June 2018
    All non-KMS items are getting affected poorly by flames.

    I wasted 20 Eternal flame of rebirths of my black gate mask to only realize something was wrong. Noticed others had the same issue with sweetwater, blackgate and gollux gear.

    World: Elnido
    Character: SwiftnSimple
    Lvl: 234
    Bug: Non-KMS items incorrect tier lvl/receiving low flame values than as it should
  • YunalescaaYunalescaa
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    edited June 2018
    Yeah, same for me. As a Reboot Player, I spent ~10b on flames only to get mostly trash lines on my Transposed SW / Gollux equipment. I figured it was just bad luck. This needs to be fixed, and compensation of flames would be a great addition.
  • PhantomMasterThiefPhantomMasterThief
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    edited June 2018
    So the problem is that Non-KMS items are considerd: Non-Boss Equips. (Non-Boss Equips get Tiers 1~7, and a random amount of bonus stat lines between 1~4)
    Boss Equips are guaranteed: 4 Bonus stat lines (and Tiers: 3~6 with Powerful, Tiers: 4~7 with Eternal)

    So for ex: on a pensalir you can get a range from: 1~7 Bonus stat tier and a random amount of bonus stat lines between 1~4.
    while on a Root Abyss top you can get a range from: 3~6 (powerful), 4~7 (eternal) and guaranteed 4 Bonus stat lines.

    Tier 7 All Stat% (7%) on Pensalir gear aka Non-Boss equips (with 2 bonus stat lines cause non-boss equip) in KMS:

    To fix Non-KMS items, GMS should make all equips that are dropped by non-kms bosses be classified as Boss Equips, like gollux and sweetwater
    (yes even sweetwater accessories, since tyrants in kms and gms also get 4 bonus stat lines and are not part of a boss set but are dropped by magnus)
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    edited June 2018
    This is scary.
    I tried to use it on my tyrants but it doesn’t even allow me to.
    Please fix ark scroll Nexon!
  • scholar624scholar624
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    edited June 2018
    I've forwarded everyone's reports to QA and let them know of this serious problem.

    For the time being, I would strongly encourage everyone to avoid applying flames to non-KMS gear until a fix is in place.
  • KingofFurriesKingofFurries
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    edited June 2018

    The thing about this is i used it on my arcane weapon. clearly a boss set item, yet i was getting max tier 3 even though eternal flames should, at the lowest, give tier 4. Here's my weapon to use as an example Capture2.png
  • xxHorntailxxxxHorntailxx
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    edited June 2018
    Chaos Vellum Helm did not get the number of lines as it's supposed to with powerful or eternal flame.
  • PetePete
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    scholar624 wrote: »
    I've forwarded everyone's reports to QA and let them know of this serious problem.

    For the time being, I would strongly encourage everyone to avoid applying flames to non-KMS gear until a fix is in place.

    Please also note that this issue is affecting Zero weapons also (Lapis/Lazuli), even though it is a KMS item.
  • CupiDoofCupiDoof
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    edited June 2018
    Bug type: sweetwater, transposing.
    If you tranpose a flamed tyrant to a sweetwater item some of the star force stats will transfer to the flame. In my 4 dex, 4 str and 3 int would transfer to the flame.
    World name: Reboot
    Steps to reproduce: flame a tyrant item and star force to at least 5, then tranpose it using the NPC Pietreno in San Commerci.
  • lodwyvernlodwyvern
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    Here's an example of an item that was transposed which maintained it's previous higher tier stats and had those stats transformed into lv160 flame stats. Gear that is already transposed as well as gollux gear should be receiving stats like these, they currently are not receiving stats like these.
  • ZelpexRebootZelpexReboot
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    When looking at the transpose preview you can see it's losing stats on the starforce (-15str) but gaining that on the flamed stats..
    This should clearly not be the case since if I then reroll the flames I'm losing out on -15 str permanently..