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  • Yohoyamada wrote: » MapleSapo wrote: » IGN: YokaiSapo WORLD: Reboot NA PLEASE UNSTUCK ME! I got baited by a mapler who was offering MVP in that map. I teleported and crashed right away. This kind of atitude should have consequences... You…
  • We are looking into this issue but if your character is currently stuck in Lachelein, we may be able to move your character if you submit a ticket to our Support team! We'll also appreciate it if players can comment the affected character's IGN and…
  • ZysterReboot wrote: » -snip- Thank you, we appreciate the information! It'll certainly help with the investigation, we'll relay it to our team.
  • Hello! This bug our VM mentioned "won't let you purchase unless you have enough NX on your account" has been addressed during today's maintenance. You should be able to purchase the items even without having NX charged https://maplestory.nexon…
  • Sqamp wrote: » Ghiblee wrote: » Sqamp wrote: » -snip- -snip- Yes. I posted this after today's maintenance. The quest "A Reason To FIght" is not even accessible now. It's "available" in the quest log, but there is no way to accept it. In t…
  • Sqamp wrote: » -snip- Hello, We applied a fix for this issue where '[MONAD: The First Omen] A reason to Fight' quest could not be completed during today's maintenance. Are you still stuck after maintenance? If so, please let us know! https…
  • Hello! Reported the issue where players are unable to proceed through MONAD's 'A Reason to Fight' quest. We'll try to address it as soon as we can, thank you for the report
  • Hello, We've addressed this issue during the v.222 update maintenance today, April 21. Please let us know if you still experience this issue! Fixed the issue where Aran Legends could not deal damage when using basic attack with a Pole-arm. htt…
  • Hello, Yes, we received reports that non-Karma flames from the Bonus Stat Compensations can only be claimed one at a time. We'll check up on this issue once again!
  • Hello! We've previously reported this issue where players who have yet to purchase the Golden Meso Tree Chair are unable to purchase them from the Maple Tour shop. We'll check up on the bug again and give it a nudge If you can provide us with …
  • For those stuck at this stage of [Mechanical Hearts 3] Aspiring to Escape!, we've confirmed that our Support team will move your character to the next map once you submit a ticket for a character move! MapleStory Customer Support: https://support…
  • Hello, I thought I replied to this bug thread but seems like I was confused with answering a DM, sorry about that! We previously reported this issue where Aran/Legends doesn't do damage most of the time but we'll check up on it once again. Thank y…
  • Hello! This issue where players are unable to complete the '[Aspiring to Escape]' quest is being looked into. We plan to address it as soon as we have a fix, thank you for the report!
  • We plan to address the None of a Kind quest issue during our April 8 maintenance. Please let us know along with your character IGN and world if you still experience this issue after our maintenance. Thank you! https://maplestory.nexon.net/news/…
  • Hello, We'll look into it once again, thank you for the report! We would appreciate it if you can provide us with the affected character's IGN/World for reference.
  • Hello! Yes, this issue with Mechanical Heart event's 'None of a Kind' quest is under investigation. We are looking to address it as soon as we have the fix for it, thank you for your patience!
  • CorsairFingerBreaker wrote: » -snip- You are unable to progress through Season 1 after receiving the 'Hack tool detected 2/2' message, is that correct? We would appreciate it if you can please provide us with your character's IGN and World.
  • Hello! Received several reports concerning this Scarrs' Prank quest issue. We also have others who were able to complete the quest without an issue so it may be situational/account-specific. We've relayed the issue but meanwhile, please submit a …
  • Hello, It seems like this is a returning Mechanical Hearts bug from the last time we had the event. We've reported the issue and are looking into addressing it when we have the fix. You will be able to progress through the event without an issue …
  • Hello, There seems to be an issue where there are only one Mechanical Hearts instanced map per channel. We've relayed the issue to the team, thank you!