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  • Submit a ticket to customer support to have them teleport you out of the map.
  • Luminous teleport only make you immune from regular touch damage, and any monster with an attack animation or projectile completely bypass it. (does not work on touch damage that inflict %max HP as damage (3rd phase Lotus, the anti-AFK flying monst…
  • The baby dragon must be in your first pet slot.
  • Stallben wrote: » I think this is causing me to miss out on boxes because after doing all the quests, I only get 29 boxes a day and the notice tells me I can get 1 more box. So, where is place or quest I can get the last box? I do all the quests a…
  • Certain classes (Kaiser, Angelic Buster, Cadena, Illuim) require all story line quest up to lv 90 to be finished to access the Heliseum. You can bypass it if you have a hyper teleport rock or guild teleport to someone at Heliseum Reclamation HQ
  • Only that specific skill hits cannot trigger damage reflect (in general, most summons and skills that auto attack for a period of time that you cannot control at a press of a button do not activate damage reflect for this reason as to be a bit more …
  • Events quest appear in the star icon left of your screen.
  • Mana battle give 3 box when you win, and you can do it 3 times per day per world. (probably 1 box if you lose) JMS patch note say https://maplestory.nexon.co.jp/notice/view/950722/?id=all&p=2 Every time you defeat 200 monsters, a youkai wh…
  • Try forfeiting the quest. Try a different house in case you are trying to go in the wrong one.
  • Did you finish the week 2 scenario and accepted the mana battle quest?
  • HerptheDerp wrote: » You cannot add hyperstat points until this quest has been completed Yes you can
  • You can add level to the arcane force hyper stat (hyper stat button in the character stat window) as soon as you finished your 5th job advancement to finish that quest with no problem. 6 level will ensure the Vanishing Journey mobs don't do bonus d…
  • You can only enter the mana shrine 3 times per world. You may have miscounted how many times you already entered that day. Mana shrine portal has a 5 minute cool down between appearance if the kill count requirement is met very fast. Killing 25 m…
  • There was one a few years ago. Never again after someone pulled the stunt of rallying everyone to Bera.
  • Just throwing out wild guesses (a bug like this can't be fix if no one can reproduce the bug or know what fixes and why it fixes it). Delete the registry folder that Maple Story uses so it can remake a fresh one. (run regedit, ctrl-F, search map…
  • Make sure Maple Story is not suffering from a memory leak, graphic glitches start to appear when you run out of RAM, or when Maple Story is approaching the hard cap of 4GB memory usage (can be check in the task manager)
  • Your computer issue, one of the following may fix it, but none of the last 10 previous bug report about this have really investigated this fully due to the bug poster disappearing off the face of the earth without confirming if it is a solution or n…
  • https://strategywiki.org/wiki/MapleStory/Bonus_Stats Using a powerful flame or level flame or fusing an CRA equipment give tier 3-6. Eternal flame or obtaining directly from the emblem on CRA equipment give tier 4-7 . Pants ( Str+40, Allstats…
  • Click on another section and click back on the magic wagon to see the timer. The timer don't appear if you used the npc or the notification to go to the page directly
  • Has to be a real genuine enhanceable Absolab (already mentioned in the patch note). Cannot be a fake unenhanceable Absolab acquired from any events.