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  • I was very hyped and motivated to check this new age update but after looking at the exp nerf, instanced maps screwing reg servers, sol erda cap and oz boxes nerf, i got so disappointed im not motivated anymore, one of the best hypes i have had sinc…
  • You got my support sir.
  • yeh i wonder this too, its been 3 effin weeks and nexon said they were giving 2 compensations but none have been released, like wtf. At least put a memo or a pb bulletin board saying they are having some issues or they are working on it or something…
  • I never buy Nx clothes just because of this, how many people even bother with the 90 days sht? I only spend money oni the water of life every now and then, its been more than 15 years and cash shop has not changed much AT ALL And no way im gambling…
  • xMrMeow wrote: » As a more casual player I can definitely agree that most of my mesos come from daily/weekly bosses and ursus. Balancing everything around endgame droprate and meso gear as well as training with the best totems all the time is j…
  • Penguinz0 wrote: » "Cube and Rebirth Flame items that used to drop at a low rate from boss monsters have been removed as well. We'll be sure to provide you with a more appropriate experience when revamping the boss reward." Exactly how is cube …
  • D136019 wrote: » Hola! Recién me conecto después de un tiempo y me voy con la sorpresa que el canal en el que jugaba ya no existe y no tengo cosas! Alguien sabe que pasó? puede que o bien han combinado mundos y tus personajes esten en otros mun…
  • yeh, today at hwill its taken me ages to freaking swap a single pendant and i wasnt moving, i wasnt being attacked cuz i had iframe, wtf
    in KMS swap gear Comment by darik July 2021
  • Mostly all explorers are terrible mobbers, explorers have fallen behind in general, skills look old, some are clunky, they all need some sort of revamp
  • Snicky wrote: » I never tried to shame Nexon .... Just tried to find out where the issue was that it just effected people from The Netherlands . Now reading open boxes is already seen as gambling by my own country law makes me mad at the ones …
  • Why do you put a poll yet is not objective at all, why ask maplers to vote for something when both answers suit your thread, wtf man
    in Kanna Comment by darik May 2021
  • welp hayato is insane pass 5th job , one of the best mobbers and now that it has more lines its kinda good
  • Aggraphine wrote: » darik wrote: » yeh, idk why kms has a ts for players but gms doesnt. Because gms has absolutely no capacity for fixing bugs outside of forwarding things to Daddy K; the only thing a test server would do is(once again) let …
  • AaronHusky wrote: » MargoViolet wrote: » All due respect I don't really think that's worth mentioning.. Reboot is the 'f2p' server because of the obvious stark contrast in spending requirements to be competitive relative to non-reboot servers.…
  • I like the concept, but i dont like the price and the rewards, other battle passes in other games cost around 10 bucks and give way better rewards, like rainbow 6 siege battle pass, it costs 12 euros and the rewards are super good.
  • SaintLaurent1 wrote: » Nexon, tell me for god's sake why you don’t put Wild Totem to last like 15-30min with lower prices and we can use whatever we want, you activate and lose your time, when you disable it, you save time. Playing for two hours i…
    in Wild Totem Comment by darik March 2021
  • pls get rid of censorship or let us de activate, its so annoying and makes no sense, this isnt a kids game anymore i believe most ppl playing this game are 16+
  • YurBestTurrets wrote: » Sorrow wrote: » Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social medi…
  • Sorrow wrote: » Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social media platforms? On a side …