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  • welp hayato is insane pass 5th job , one of the best mobbers and now that it has more lines its kinda good
  • Aggraphine wrote: » darik wrote: » yeh, idk why kms has a ts for players but gms doesnt. Because gms has absolutely no capacity for fixing bugs outside of forwarding things to Daddy K; the only thing a test server would do is(once again) let …
  • AaronHusky wrote: » MargoViolet wrote: » All due respect I don't really think that's worth mentioning.. Reboot is the 'f2p' server because of the obvious stark contrast in spending requirements to be competitive relative to non-reboot servers.…
  • I like the concept, but i dont like the price and the rewards, other battle passes in other games cost around 10 bucks and give way better rewards, like rainbow 6 siege battle pass, it costs 12 euros and the rewards are super good.
  • SaintLaurent1 wrote: » Nexon, tell me for god's sake why you don’t put Wild Totem to last like 15-30min with lower prices and we can use whatever we want, you activate and lose your time, when you disable it, you save time. Playing for two hours i…
    in Wild Totem Comment by darik March 26
  • pls get rid of censorship or let us de activate, its so annoying and makes no sense, this isnt a kids game anymore i believe most ppl playing this game are 16+
  • YurBestTurrets wrote: » Sorrow wrote: » Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social medi…
  • Sorrow wrote: » Which is more logical? (1) Rebalance a few unhappy classes by boosting their % damage; or (2) Upset 90% of your player base by nerfing the attack speed cap and then having endless backlash on social media platforms? On a side …
  • Que wrote: » For far too long has the hurricane class minority community been oppressed by the hard-cap system in which the majority of the GMS community (non-hurricane class community) has shunned for their own self-gratification and biases. To…
  • If ure getting banned consider what ure doing lol, 1 time ok, but 3?? Come on dude, stop hacking botting or macroing
  • Whenever theres bannwaves, lots of actual hackers come to the forums to falsely say they are legit, every single time is the same story. If they are legit the best to do is contact nexon support and wait. We cant do anything to help them.
  • Luxx wrote: » I'm scared to even play Kanna tbh. Ya'll get banned too much lol. been playing kanna for years, never ever got white roomed or banned, all we can say is contact support
  • Dont bother with unique lines, just go to epic and aim for 2 usefull lines, thats it.
  • jijiji wrote: » Maplestory says they are doing a balance patch. Why even do a balance patch if one starforced and pottable badge can make old players much stronger. They need to return the event or make some kind of pottable badge Old badges …
  • SenzuBean wrote: » Server Upgrade, Merging Servers 50% of GMS is playing on reboot, but the server just can't handle it. Many issues can be solved with a better server because as it stands maplestory has a physical population cap gated by the …
  • MeiLinge wrote: » Is this game going to survive another 5 years? The player decline is severe and the blood loss is grave. Anything innovative in the works? Any average player that loves maple story can show you an entire list of things that could…
  • SenzuBean wrote: » Apparently it's not the server itself, Quote from AKradian: Investing in servers would be nice, but a lot of our disconnection problem comes from the internet infrastructure. The game is coded for Korean internet, where ever…
  • kanna is really good to main, good mobbing, good bossing and end game parties want you so you wont have trouble finding a hard boss pty
  • Aggraphine wrote: » darik wrote: » WTF is this boss, it requires no skill at all! Every boss below cra "requires no skill at all" if you have enough range to one-tap it. And even cra is approaching the point of ignoring mechanics and just dum…
  • Mynodex wrote: » To whom it may concern, Maplestory has always been a gambling game where you scroll, tier potential, upgrade, obtain items with Random Goddess Number (RNG). This feature is what makes this game so appealing and fun to play. Now…