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  • iBundance
    hello i would like to be allowed to speak on the forums. I understand the rules of the forum.
    February 2023
  • Ghiblee completed the Third Year assignment.
    You have been a registered member for three whole years!
    January 2022
  • ota9x55ruri2ppon
    Hi, my account name is currently Map1eWarriorEiSama, but it has been too long and too old since I last made it, would it be possible for me to edit please? Thanks!

    (I was told to send you this message by the Nexon customer service, really hope you can let me know, thanks again)

    I sent you this in a message to your inbox as well a month ago, hopefully you can get back to me if I leave a comment here, thanks.
    January 2022
  • IkLuisKI
    good night gms ... previous days leave a note asking to solve the problem of the FPS (frame per second) I think that must be that because in arcane river maps I have too much lag and the pc hangs on me ... I would beg you to correct this problem in this maintenance that is scheduled for this 22 thanks
    December 2021
  • Chainspark
    Is it possible to change over a forum post from the wrong posting area to the correct area, via suggestions.
    November 2021
  • Virrepung
    Hello, i can't make a bug report and idk what to do. 1 of my heros is crashing when i try to log in. i went to afterlands when the first crash happend and now i cant log in on that. all other heros work fine. can u help me?
    October 2021
  • Simpalnu_Scan1a
    Hey, I am at a very bad spot right now, over the past few weeks, there have been events going about helping with each persons progression in the game of course at the expense of some money. I myself have spent quite abit in the game the past few weeks and have been working on some things in the game. I was going through my inventory to check on what i would want to spend my neo stones for and i realised that a real arcan weapon i have been working on which ive spent some billions of mesos on and some nx and some violet cubes on is no longer there. I spent quite alot fo money on that and i think i may have accideentally extracted it or dropped it but basically i just lost it. I am very lost right now and dont know what to do i really need it back and i cannot afford to lose that weapon. It has no star forcing on it or scrolling but i has an lpot of 30% IED, 30% Boss damage and 10% ATT on it with a 133 attack power and 66 dex flame. Please help me get it back...
    August 2021
  • Toby
    Hey, I don't really know what to do about this right now, but it seems you receive a lot of complaints so I just thought that I should link this discussion I made here, if you can do anything about it, that would be greatly appreciated.
    August 2021
  • Acidtongue
    I guess you're the one I need to contact. Submitted a support ticket but they just sent me to you.
    "I made a forum on https://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/categories/suggestions-and-feedback (see the link above) and posted it to a couple of friends. Both of them say that even tho they submitted a post it hasnt shown up yet.
    Both of them had their accounts on the website for over 24 hours."

    Help would be appreciated.
    July 2021
  • MoO0OoN
    I've tried to post my kain artwork yesterday, it won't even show up.
    I would love to join the art event if no one minds.
    Character name is MoO0OoN .. IN BERA world
    This is my art link:xTMNgn3
    July 2021
  • whatchawnt
    Hello Ghiblee,

    I know you are busy but if possible can I ask for your assistance in looking into a ban due to the Safety Gem Maple points compensation. My account must have been banned for the issue and I originally put a repeal ticket last week and have yet to hear back. If possible could I ask you to look into the issue please?
    June 2021
  • ddpark
    Hey Ghiblee,

    I was wondering if there is any updates yet on the maple hotel event closing a day too early! I had roughly 30k coins and 9 damage skin coupons on two characters that are now set to expire since I couldn't claim the last damage skin coupon on the last day. Please address this issue!!!
    June 2021
  • GamerNigth
    Friend Ghiblee you as a fair person could verify my account please know that to be busy I only ask for 1 min of your time support me that this is really affecting me a lot please
    May 2021
  • akimbojinbo
    Hello Ghiblee,

    I've private messaged you about my account that was falsely banned yesterday. I know you're busy, and you get requests like this all the time, but it would mean a lot to me if you could find the time to read it and help if you can.

    Thanks so much!

    April 2021
  • karlozz
    hello Ghiblee How can I contact you is about a ban for misconduct that I never did
    April 2021
    Hello Ghiblee,

    There is a bug when trying to rescue Alora in Mechanical Hearts, Quest: None of A Kind. This is found on reddit.

    [Updated Apr 1st, 2021] "None of A Kind" is currently bugged where accessing the Quarantine Area of Aspire Industries B4 will send the player to a different map.
    April 2021
  • fro
    Hi Ghiblee, I sent you a private message a few weeks ago. Could you please take a look?
    March 2021
  • Ghiblee completed the Second Year assignment.
    You have been a registered member for two whole years!
    January 2021
  • Ghiblee completed the Pollster assignment.
    You've created a poll! Let's see what the results will be
    December 2020
  • Manny
    Hello Ghiblee,
    I was told by a friend you would be able to help or contact me about a problem I'm having with my support submissions being marked as solved without replies. I don't know where else to turn at this point and am hoping you'd be able to shine some light on this problem. As well to let you know ahead of time this is about my original account getting banned three years after I stopped playing maplestory. IGN:Mannyxlr8 Server: Bera banned in 2014 if im not mistaken and I stopped in 2011. Appreciate if you could help me somehow at least on details why it was banned to begin with.
    November 2020
  • YewCantHide
    Hi Ghiblee,
    There is a glitch with moonbogglers quest. It will not let me accept the quest to kill 200 monsters to obtain the nx cosmetic item. There is a thread opened in maple forum with other players having the same issue as I. Please fix it.
    August 2020
  • Aherpaderp
    Hey Ghiblee, I am having a problem with the tynerum quest not showing up on my character after completing the chrimson heart quests. I don't know how to fix this, if there is anyway to do so please message me back. Thank you.
    IGN Afkarena
    July 2020
  • Talestory
    Hi, Ghiblee!

    I wish to change my username from <Talestory> to <TalesKursped>

    I found a post, written by AKradian on July 2019, that I can change my Username through you, Ghiblee!

    Please let me know if there is any instruction that I require to fulfill, and thank you for your support ;)
    Have a great week, and keep being healthy!
    July 2020
  • Bahamut_X
    Would there be any chance of removing Neospector from the VFM?

    Unfortunately I've got no respect for him and his ego. He has given answers that I'd consider very suspect as a long time player from his appointment by former CM Artasi.
    July 2020
  • FinalFaceOff
    Hey man i see you get hit up a lot about bans, Ive recently been banned in town (Patheon) I was spell tracing my gear while I got hit with a DC then went to log in with the message of a perm ban, this account is my only account i don't buy FZ service FS service my accounts at least 12-13 years old I've sent a ticket in I bought a all day x2 exp card on my adele too which is going to waste missing out on DMT too is going to hurt thanks Ghiblee if you can help in anyway
    July 2020
  • Royalties2525
    Server: Bera
    IGN: HolyNani
    28/6 ~ 6.10pm

    My friend account(OG account played ~12years) just got falsely banned, we just came out of falling a chao gollux, and he was going to help me with Hmag prequest next. When he was hit with a ban
    June 2020
  • ElxArk
    Gm Ghiblee. I please ask that you look into my account. I haven't done anything wrong :(. World Aurora Ign: ElxArk. I got banned in the Rise Salon when i was afk for some unknown reason. It happened during the false ban wave. Please I just want to play.
    June 2020
  • LWayra
    Hola Mr. GM!!
    Please investigate my account personally.
    I have never committed irregularities against the server.
    It is more than 20 days that I find myself banned for unknown reasons.
    World: Bera
    Ing: iWayra
    Lv: 220
    June 2020
  • jettSpecial
    Hello GM Ghiblee,
    I introduce myself, I am the leader of the Impera Guild in Bera, before the renewal of the Guild I had rank 2, and my account was banned by RMT a few days ago, but I received mesos because I am a frenetic service provider that is not illegal in the game, I accept many mesos exchanges per hour of service (between 50m and 80m per hour) and, per delivery, between 10m and 15m, I would like you to do a new investigation, since in the first ticket I do not mention that it sold frenzy service , I hope you understand, in my country there is no way to receive money online, I could not exchange mesos for real money, it is absurd, it is crazy to receive an answer that seems like a copy of another case, especially when it is such an important case .
    I am MVP Diamond in the last event of the book of the philosophers I spent 600k of karma koin and the next day they take away my account, how is it possible that they do this to their players.
    Thank you
    IGN: Abraham
    Bera Server
    June 2020
  • netanel
    Hi there
    i believe my account was one of those accounts that got falsely banned and it's tickets ignored like you see a lot of people writing... the account is yuval@convertial.com
    i spend over 15,000 USD in NX for this character just to get kicked out of the game and now all of my effort and money was lost. i waited a lot of time for nexon to admit that there is a false ban issue and now finally you did, please help me here
    June 2020