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  • YouTube: Journey from lvl 205 from 250 in Pensalir

    Now, you can 22-Star your Pensalir (so that should make things easier for you)
    good luck on this project man, it's really not easy.
  • Unpopular opinion.

    I agree with you, with Flames and 25 Stars, no more need for Tyrants. :)

    and hopefully 25 Stars, will be enough of a meso-sink to increase meso value in regular worlds.

    *Though, Global MapleStory, is still not perfect, we still have a few more things that needs to be done, but it's much better then what it used to be, that's for Damn sure.
  • Launcher Settings

    Neospector wrote: »
    I can't confirm then, my setting save just fine. Try manually disabling the launcher via Windows settings.

    I can confirm the changes being saved is shown (but the changes aren't saved)

    for ex: usually i always had a check mark on the don't show dismissed Pop-Ups (after a recent update to the nexon launcher, adds always show, even after clicking multiple times on the don't show ads, and re-installing,re-starting, and even full-shutdown of the pc didn't fix it, so it's a problem of the launcher)

    so in short; the nexon launcher save feature doesn't work properly, and i even propose that the gamelauncher.exe (will be brought back, since that had no, or less problems then the current nexon launcher; even the developers, and while the game is on testing, the game being used with Gamelauncher.exe (AKA; Direct Launch)

    NEXON should have never forced us to use the buggy, and unstable/unusable NEXON launcher (which still feels like it's in Alpha)
  • About 25* release

    Roy666 wrote: »
    i prefer to get 20* cuz we will be stronger than KMS players with 25* gollux, lv 3 link skills and attack speed 0.

    No, you prefer to get 20 Stars, so that people wouldn't need to switch Tyrants/Transposed Sweetwater over to AbsoLab/Arcane.

    at least tell the truth.

    PS. it's already been confirmed and showcased on the ARK: Monad preview video, that we are in fact getting 25 and not 20 stars.

    Don't become like the guy who said neb boxes dropped too frequently so nexon nerfed it because of him.
  • Lower attack speed cap to the same as KMS has

    DrAatrox wrote: »
    This is the problem with NA. People only care about their own class and not about the game balance overall. The already weak archers are only getting weaker compared to others with this attackspeed cap.

    I would like you to search on youtube and on twitch: MisusingTV, he mains a wild hunter and one of THE Strongest in GMS
    then, go and tell me that the hurricane classes are weak.