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  • Cash shop Item sort

    Got a full blown thread about this and other stuff about the cash shop
    KMS' cash shop already have a search feature for the cash inventory, and have a preview feature from the cash inventory (they had the preview feature for over a year now, but since gms has a unique ui, we get less cash inventory space to see, a worse ui, and worse functionality.

    KMS got the cash shop ui in this update back in 2013
  • Cash Shop Inventory Revamp

    Ahem, iv'e got a full blown thread about it, KMS N' the other regions (as in every region besides GMS) cash shop already has had a better ui for years, KMS recently added an option to search through the cash inventory, they also added an option to preview items from the cash inventory a year ago.
  • About 25* release

    Mohanad wrote: »
    any one saw that?!
    strongest thief in whole maplestory quit!!!!! CONGRATULATION NEXON!!

    Your'e one of the Very Few people that are complaining about this, overall this is a Really positive and a good change for the game's health and direction.
  • Which one of these fake worlds is Khaini?

    Khaini, is the fake world, this worlds come from KMS (Which came before GMS)
    so you could even say that GMS is fake.
  • About 25* release

    Mohanad wrote: »
    there is alot of other contents other than HITTING and KILLING the efforts made on the high end items... and still i grantee there are alot of high end users who are not satisfied about the change that going to make them work more to change there tyrants and other transposed SW items!!

    specially when u are talking about gambling!! when u settle at a proper needed stat for the high end item u were working for, it feels real sad if ur work wasnt made on the item that u will not change, again cuz its a gambling on RNG it at lowest estimation would take more than 120$ (100 red cubes) for main stat at leg stat to get 3 lines, some times it would go for 1000$ depends on the RNG.. not mentioning the spending to tier up!!! and still scrolling again!! :O

    and still new improvement to do is okie still and its needed by end users still, it depends on the contents not on the way u being pushed to spend money to get the high end items again (scrolled/cubed/SFed)

    im only hoping that they allow that we can still make our tyrants as well to 20~25* so at least we reduce the cost wasted on tyrants and also the transposed SW items, thats going to be a real upgrade for high end users who really have spent too much...

    i dont want to mention the ppl who was deciding to quite when absolab came out ,and properly did quite when the the umbra items came up, one of main reasons was that they went so sad about the money spent on fafnir and Cra items, all of sudden they found them self in need to change into umbra hat and an umbra weapon...

    anyway, lets see whats and how the 25* implementation going to be...

    Please note that there will be no change to Superior equipment’s Star Force Cap
    THE END...

    I'll just give you a TL;DR:
    25 Star = to 15 Star Tyrants, it's meant to give non-superior equips, superior stats, to make non-tyrants viable.

    tyrants (which are already superior equips) should not be allowed to gain additional superior stats on top of their existent superior stats.

    So; Tyrants are 15 Stars (25 Regular Stars)
    While 22 Star Absolab/Arcane Umbra is 12 Star Tyrants with a Set Effect.