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  • Moon Festival Mini Game Limits

    I was a huge fan of star planet, and having these mini games back is truly a pleasure for me, but it sucks that i reach my 10 match daily limit so quickly. I'd really like to be able to keep playing, but just not earn anything for it. There's not a whole lot to do on maple, and i'd like to be able to pass time playing these without having to switch characters.
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Arwoo wrote: »
    krsk wrote: »
    After re:zero is still after May.. I mean the hope is gone.

    Nothing good comes from being pessimistic.
    When the original list of suggestions were sent out the plans for Re:ZERO were still being put together.

    As stated multiple times in the past, there was a delay in seeing a number of community suggested styles due to the collaboration event. Expect to see more community suggestions after the Re:ZERO collaboration event has concluded as stated in my recent post. Don't expect to see every single style and NX cover from the rotation to be items from only within this thread either. Our other teams also have an agenda for the release/appearance of certain items and this thread allows Maplers to see a number of their requested items within that line up.

    Thank you,


    I'll buy that you guys had some plans for this month... but this thread has been opened since February. In that time.. we have seen a total of 12 of the SAME styles over and over and OVER again. Sometimes in multiple coupons co-currently. In over 5 months you couldn't apply any of these player suggestions? Is it really a surprise that so many of the servers are dead when player requests get overlooked for nearly half a year? I'm not being pessimistic, i'm stating facts. Low key, I feel like you guys just randomly toss out whatever and if we are lucky enough to have a hair from our lists magically appear, you will pretend it was because of our suggestions.

    Additionally, just as an aside, I would hardly call throwing a few re:zero themed items in overpriced boxes an event.
  • Wonderoid Jump Quest Difficulty

    I got randomly dc'd twice, so at this point i'm giving up on this event. It's really sad that the only exciting new event they have put in in God knows how long is way too difficult to even attempt.
  • Emergency Maintenance: 5/11/2017

    He already said no to a rollback.

    out of curiosity, where did you see this?
  • Suggestions for Royal Hairs/Faces & Perm NX Covers

    Tashie wrote: »
    Again with the royals being legit the same thing as we've seen in the last month T_T i like that our voices are being herd finally but really....anniversary styles have the exact same stuff we've seen within the last month >_<

    It's worse than that, two of the current anniversary styles were just in all stars (both face and hair for male and female), and one of the current anniversary hairs is in the current regular royals coupon. Either there is zero quality control, or Nexon doesn't mind putting out sloppy work. So much for "a better maple."