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  • **Gaining the Population: Advertising **

    Nex Korea and Nex Japan still do TV ads and lots of mobile stuff, it's really only Nexon Am that have decided for no reason to not do ads anymore, they wont even get most of the spin-off games localized (like Maplestory: The Girl of Fate) or support apps for the main game (like Maple Hands) that have been released and well received in Korea and Japan (and I think there as a chinese release of them too)

    they are/ have been trying social media Viraling for the last few big updates Via the "Share" events (Nova, Over Ride,V, and a few others I think had this) and using the players to share the news of big updates, it's not working that well, especially when you have issues like the last few ban waves that scare off new players.

    they should localize these apps and games, advertise them and then that should pull in more players to the main game, instead the team makes decisions like "to better advertise our Cash shop RNG, lets never directly sell Perm HTR, Perm second pend slot ever again, instead make it all RNG"
  • Proffesions

    because there's no trading of any kind between players on reboot and limited trading between your own characters on reboot.

    it's a fine tradeoff tbh, just get the other professions on 2 other characters when you play on normal servers
  • A Reflection of Reboot's Costly Endgame.

    SlicedTime wrote: »
    AKradian wrote: »
    TL;DR: Give us a map where we can hold down a single key and tap another every 2 minutes, for a few months straight, and we'll be happy.

    Is this really what you think MMORPG gameplay should be?

    Well, grinding, and getting nodes and certain symbols already kinda is that. I agree with your point though, changing multipliers and meso rewards sound like better ways to resolve this issue.

    Nodes and new symbols are meant to be obtained as you train, they really just need to boost droprate of both more.
  • Time Zone suggestion.

    this is a helpful tool


    you can even click the UTC check box to add UTC (server time) display

    what you are asking is not impossible but would require reworking how both the website works and how posts work, and that would be more effort than it's worth.

    a better Idea is that they use either a 3rd party time sheet / converter to display event times and the user can select a timezone for that to be converted to or nexon makes their own special time sheet that does the same.
  • Sweetwater reboot

    no, in reboot world(s) equipment is untradable, the most you can do is extract it.