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  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    I am soo happy they didnt release 25 star system, if they did all tyrant gear owners who starred 10+ should be substantially massively compensated. Such as a 25 star 100% untradable scroll for each piece rendered obsolete.

    you sound like the people that complain about lvl 200 being easy now compared to 10 years ago, or the people that complained about pet skills just because they bought perm pet items, or the people merchants that complained about Emp equips being lower in value due to people being able to clear her and get her gear easier, or complained about Emp equips being lower in value due to RA gear being better.

    nexon never promised you that the gear you have now will always be the best endgame gear.

    if they come, you wont be compensated, but you will have very good gear to get you to the new best gear, or transpost your tyrants to SW which will actually be better with 25 stars.

    also it's not proven that we wont get 25 stars in the update where we get fox valley.
  • the worst class in Maplestory illium

    illium is pretty good once you get them to 3rd job and becomes a great mobber at 4th job. I agree though, his mobbing sucks in the early stages, but he's certainly not the worst class and other classes have this issue in early game as well (like demon avenger and Beast tamer)

    the link skill is also really good if you play without standing in one spot at all times
  • GMS-Raising Star Cap, Rebirth Flames & Neb Revamp?

    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    JushiroNet wrote: »
    is it time for the 11 page thread on stars now

    Or, I could make one dedicated for stars, and another one for nebulites (assuming you guys still want to fix something even though we are getting a "replacement" for it.) I hope to see you guys and your brainstorming in the next thread and future topics like this.

    Also, when flames come, should we call it Additional Options/AO or Bonus Stats/BS? When Anna said are introducing Bonus Stats to GMS, she is aware we call them Addition Options. Should we refer to the system as Bonus Stats or Additional Options since Bonus Stats sounds confusing when we have Bonus Potential and shortening the name leads to some funny results (Bonus Stats becomes BS.)

    There are a few Neb system revamp threads, I made one a while back, Neo also made one a while back and a few other people also made some, I say we get some support behind one of them.

    flames and Bonus stats are not a replacement for nebs, they are 2 different systems, its like saying boss souls replace flames.

    Also people only call them "Additional options" cause max mistranslated it as such (because the word for stats is also the word for options). the proper translation has always been Bonus stats (because you do not scroll equipment with "options") and the short term people will likely use after the awkward phase of calling the system by a mistranslated name will probably be "Bstat"much like we don't call Bonus potential "BP" or "AP (additional potential)" in conversations, we naturally sway to "B pot" normally.

    and I'd say before making new posts and campaign for stars, just wait until we get our fox valley patch, we may get what JMS got.
  • I would suggest a Brazilian server PT/EN

    Brazilians can already play GMS since the EMS service got merged into GMS

    i think the only places blocked that dont have an MS service are Vietnam and Indonesia
  • Region Limitations and Country Select

    you mean the country select in the game? just choose whichever one give you less ping or if you were heavily invested in an NA server, just select the NA one.
    it's not a gate to prevent you from playing, it's just done that way due to how the NA servers have different login server and server select than the EU side to reduce ping for players on the EU server.

    if you hover your mouse over them it will also tell you that.

    since you apparently have been gone a while, you should know that EMS has been shifted over to the GMS service and EMS is no more, but their server(s) and accounts have been transfered and maintained. if you select Europe, you will see the (once was 2 servers but now merged) EMS server, Luna, and if you select NA you will see the list of NA servers.

    if you were IP banned or blacklisted from playing, you would have gotten a message saying so before the game launched.