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  • request: merge familiars with monster collection

    bad idea for multiple reasons the first of which is that they are not even the same kind of thing and serve different purposes, second it would be even more buggy as most of the familliars that exist are not in monster collection and it would be bugged more for being a different system that comes from KMS being tied to a system that comes from JMS that KMS doent have.

    what GMS needs to do is update the whole Codex/Familliar system up to what's current in JMS (cause JMS has several years worth of updates on their familliar and codex system and dont have the bugs we have)

    but they seem too lazy to do that because people have been waiting for GMS to make an update to it as far back as 2012
  • Scarlet ring

    Drsizzler wrote: »
    Taking away 45% PDR and 60% Boss from a bunch of players is a great way to go out of business Nexon. Please rethink this.

    it's a change from KMS and since it was from KMS (like AFK mobs) it wont be changed
  • Falsely Banned and Suggestions

    welcome to the club.

    If you already sent a ticket and were told it was final, there is nothing you can do until your ban is over or nexon acknowledges it's system is a failure and unbans the falsely banned.

    My suggestion, either wait out your timed ban, or, uninstall maple and find a better game while nexon slowly continues to ban legitimate players until someone up there gets a brain cell or two working.

    all I can say is you were lucky it wasn't a surprise perm ban.
  • Sharing a Little Memory

    Can't say much details but in the Q n A, it showed who we're dealing with. You can grasp an idea of their character by watching the Q n A. Arwoo seems to be the one that's most interested in helping the community, from what I saw in the youtube video.

    Can't say if they talked about the bans, I'd have to rewatch it.

    the thing is, it wouldnt get mentioned, the QnA was done on the 17th of november or something, before the new ban issues started but a little after the kanna bans were sorted.

    it was the QnA ZeroByDivide was invited to.

    The "Customer Service" (more like Customer Disservice) has pretty much threatened me to stop sending tickets about the issue or they will ban me from the ticket system, which shows just how much they care.
  • Sharing a Little Memory

    sorry to see this is happening to another person.

    at this point I just assume the auto ban bot just makes up a reason for banning.