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  • We all want a merge

    Yeah, because me merging with bera is such a good idea.

    Listen, if I wanted to be with all of the sellouts, fakes, and be in a crowded server where I could never get a map to begin with?


    But I chose GRAZED because It's quiet, and I can train whenever I feel like it without having 20 channels full of people on the same map.
  • 2x exp/drop event + hong bao?

    Nightfaux wrote: »
    Hey guys do we know if the hong bao will stack with the event this weekend?

    Cheers, Jason

    Yes they do, I used them with a cs coupon and the event, and some other exp buffs.

    Went from 234 @ .39% to 234 @ 70.85% in 4 hours.
  • Evangelion Crossover, huh?

    Purchase a special random box and open it up to find Evangelion-themed items including androids and chairs.

    Basically Re:Zero 2.0

    How about we go back to the crossovers which were done right, such as SAO or AoT.
  • Marvel Machine, and the Umbra Weapons...

    Money shortcuts don't ruin the game...

    Botters, Hackers, and Scammers already drove this game into the ground.

    Merely to the point most places besides Reboot, Scania, Bera, and Windia are usually barren.

    If anything, money shortcuts are a win-win for everyone.

    Company gets your money, and you legit get something.

    But of course most of you will be like: OH GOD NO, PLEASE NO WEAPONS IN THE MARVEL MACHINE.

    But why though, if some of us want an easier way to get an Umbra weapon rather than risking an account permanent ban to buy it illegally...

    Hence Marvel Machine, and like someone else pointed out in this topic: OZ equipment is in the marvel machine. Let alone frenzy totems and other things.

    So why not basically make the game more pay to win, It's already there as-is in terms to normal servers.

    Also, I've spent 15,000 USD and I have yet to even get one decent potential on an item.
  • Marvel Machine, and the Umbra Weapons...

    Neospector wrote: »
    Typically people don't want Arcane equips in Marvel Machine because it's seen as selling power; pay to win. A free-to-play user could, in theory get themselves through Lucid just enough to obtain their own weapon, but putting the equips in Marvel is seen as paying for the best equips in the game. It's also seen as a bad move towards the people who run Lucid, since they worked so hard only to obtain the equips only to have them released to anyone who pays Nexon for them.
    Personally, I think funding yourself off Marvel (or any cash box like philosopher books) is stupid, since most likely you'll just wind up with an inventory full of hair coupons and a bunch of scrolls you don't want, but I certainly understand what's pay-to-win about releasing Arcane Umbra equips in Marvel.

    If you see someone selling Arcane weapons for real money you should report them in-game or via a ticket; particularly since the number of legit weapons is currently in a grey area and illegitimate weapons could potentially exist.

    Neo....I do not think you exactly read what I was stating in all of this:

    The Marvel Machine was a way for those like myself in grazed who can't form a party because everyone else is in one, or others got banned who could do it.

    Also, there's more than enough people making money off of maplestory from botting alone. But back to the point I was trying to clarify:

    Anyone who doesn't want it in there, is because they're already funded enough to kill it...or they want to cut out the middle man bs with nexon and just make as much as they can off of it.

    The people who want them in the Marvel Machine, are people like myself:
    Those who don't do 10m-10m Clean range, or don't get funded like other people who have friends who donate to them, give them gear, etc.

    But overall you're just stating: Get good or suffer without it.

    That's not exactly a positive insight.

    Also...who do you know who's purely free to play, who doesn't ever get NX at all, and can have 10m-10m Clean range....?

    Because I surely don't know anyone who's purely free to play in recent times, who can actually do lucid successfully by not spending a dime.

    You have to spend NX at some point in time: Whether it be for cubes or otherwise.

    Being a purely F2P on Reboot, I was shafted so damn hard overall. And I was an active bishop to boot.