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  • World transfer made me vomit

    Jumballi wrote: »
    Strictly speaking, I was not prepared to transfer worlds, but when my guild decided to go, I had to follow.

    Now I don't play MapleStory for the bosses or the grind, I play it to dress up.

    Uh, that seems like an exorbitant waste of money, dude. If you just want to play a game where you can dress your character up, maybe buy a game specifically about fashion stuff rather than spending hundreds of dollars on cosmetics in an mmo. The Style Savvy franchise would be your best friend, bruh.

    I don't think that's fair to say. Objectively speaking, he needed to move worlds (depending on where he was originally). This is supposed to be a MMORPG. You can't have a MMORPG experience if there are practically no people on your server. Maybe to Jumballi, their MMORPG experience in MapleStory is enhanced by the fact that they can dress up and show off their outfits to other Maplers. Maybe everyone jumped ship to go to Bera. Now their experience has been ruined, and they have a decision to make. Give up some stuff to continue to enjoy this game on same level? Live a miserable and lonely life on the server I'm already on.
  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    I bet it will surprise a lot of you but I do have something to say about Aggraphine.

    He or she did help to derail a few Old Maple threads back in the day and I don't know the details of the how/ why of this persons ban but I can comment about what I hope would happen.

    One day I would like to see a chance for a ban appeal. Maybe some statements about future intentions and perhaps some questions from the moderators. (done in private, if need be)
    The reason I would like to see this is because one day I would like to hand this person a proper defeat in a debate about Old Maplestory. (if they still wanted to debate it or had not already agreed about it)
    Old Maplestory faces its own challenge with a ban of sorts, which is why I am in favor of rule enforcement that can show leniency in the right circumstances. (you may have already noticed this if you have seen some of my threads)

    Every case is separate and unique of course but I think there is always a little room for a gray area.
    Honestly, one day in the future I'd be glad if the bans on both Aggraphine and Old Maple were lifted. (subject to moderator and CM discretion)

    If anybody messes up after having an appeal granted then I believe they would just be out of luck.
    A lot my post is probably wishful thinking.

    Did you really need to make this about Old Maple? Please, let's keep it relevant to the survey as best as we can.
  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    Maryse wrote: »
    Arwoo wrote: »
    We have no plans to moderate members of the community on what they say outside of our official platforms.
    If a ban is placed it will only be due to an extreme case.
    So... can we get an estimate for the unbanning of Aggraphine then?

    Forums + Fansite Activity Ban Policy

    I'm wondering this as well.
    If he isn't getting unbanned -- what will be done about the countless others on various platforms that have been even more offensive? Their usernames don't line up, but I know for a fact several of them post on the forums. How will you be taking action against them?

    Presence On Fansites

    Will we be seeing any activity from you on the subreddit or on Basilmarket?? You haven't posted on reddit in over month: http://i.imgur.com/ohZgR6t.png and as far as I'm aware, you haven't posted on Basilmarket at all.

    I've seen comments across various platforms that support the idea that members of the subreddit and basilmarket feel neglected, and even alienated from the community that you're trying to "unify"

    I understand that your feelings were hurt, and that people have been harassing you. Isn't that to be expected in these positions? Not even Sabina was welcome everywhere (I recall quite a few times where certain players harassed her on social media, and in various chat groups), and she had been CM of that community for years. It seems odd to me that someone who has so much community management experience has such seemingly thin skin. Now, I am by no means condoning or encouraging their behavior. To be honest, I expected a lot more from most of them and find a lot of what they're doing deplorable, however, is it not a community manager's responsibility to "be the bigger person?"

    Ban Appeals + Customer Support

    It's true that looking into ban appeals is not technically a part of the job description of a Community Manager. However, if false positive bans are negatively impacting members of the community - does it not fall under your "jurisdiction" then? The community has seen, on more than a few occasions, cases where a ban appeal was repeatedly denied until the community manager stepped in and reopened the case. Personally, I have had an account with mules banned for logging into it rapidly while transferring items. My appeal was denied twice until someone finally looked deeper into it and released the account with a clean slate.

    Are players supposed to accept that every single GM did their absolute best when looking into ban appeal cases?

    Maryse and the subreddit already have Discords set up. Won't adding another Discord just create more separation? How do you plan on avoiding further segregating the community?

    What will the rules look like on this Discord? Will we be following forum rules? How will this be moderated

    This Survey

    Will you be releasing the full results of the survey? More than a handful of us would love to see exactly what feedback the community is giving. It would help us realize and see exactly how well and how much of our feedback is being listened to and acted upon.

    Thanks @Arwoo
    I look forward to your response.

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  • Hiding stuff now, are we?

    Child Categories are only going to frustrate people and reduce visibility. You will not see a recent post in a child category. This is why I made the conscious decision not to use them in the first place.
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  • Post content from OUR community

    Almost all the art that has been posted to social media has been from PIXIV which is full of JMS players.

    I'm sure there are at least one or two artists or musicians here, on the subreddit, on Tumblr, Instagram, and other places that would love for their art and other creations to be shared.

    Tl;dr Stop sharing art from the other service's communities and share art from our own
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