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  • Nexon could learn from Runescape/Jagex

    HuskyDM wrote: »
    Finding hackers is annoying. They are so prevalent it gives the impression that Nexon doesn't care anymore. I get they are hard to get rid of but one thing is having a bot or 2, another is to have up to 16 channels with bot issues in several areas at the same time. They should apply harsher checks in areas that are known to have bots like Fantasy Theme World, MP3, Orbis and the like. I don't care what they do but it should be obvious when a bot is a bot and they should make sure they are stopped.

    Wrong, it's actually really easy to get rid of them, at least 80% of them, but why Nexon should get rid of them? if they do such a thing then the game would look exactly how it suppose to look... (there are wayyy too many hackers in Bera, if you get rid of them Bera would look super dead!)
  • Flag Race - Remove Teleport Skills

    YinYangX wrote: »
    And what if you don't have a guild? or your guild is not that good with teleport skills?
    Give me a break! removing Teleport Skills is the best choice ever.

    The point of flag race is doing it with your guild to get points, hence if you don't have a guild, that's your fault, not Nexon's or everyone else's fault you have a dead guild.
    If your guild is not that good with teleport skills, again, that your fault. Not anyone else's fault that your guild doesn't know how to use an aspect of the race. Not like the guilds that are good with teleport skills have access to something you don't, they just trained/taught their members. Just cause you don't know how to use something doesn't mean it should be removed. That's like saying all jump quest floors should be removed from Tower of Oz cause some people aren't as good. Or every equipment should have same stats, same scrolling, and same pots cause some people aren't good with potting and scrolling. >.>

    And no, "keeping the Teleport Skills is the best choice ever". >.>
    Just cause you say something doesn't mean it's true.

    And you completely ignored the second half of my comment asking how you would make Flag Race teamwork oriented after removing tp skills. Along with what you just said, I'm assuming you're just a salty player cause you're in a dead guild and taking it out on the rest of the Flag Race community cause you can't do something by yourself when it's expected to do something as a team.

    The only reason you're agree to Teleport Skills is because you're one of those guys who use it, so it's not really worth talking with you about it.
    You're exactly like a lawyer in court, a lawyer will never admit that the side he's protecting, is the wrong one, and why? because he's getting paid.
    So it's the same way as you act, you're getting paid (you and your little guild members friends are teleporting together and love to win over others who doesn't have their guild members or just not that good enough with it, so you're basically taking a very big advantage in this "Flag" race) and that's why you'll never agree with the ones who are 100% right about this subject.

    Also think about it, why does it even call "Flag Race" from the first place? that's totally wrong, they should rename it "Teleport Race", cus this is totally NOT a real Flag Race.

    Don't bother to PM me back, I will not even bother to look at it, I'm also going to oversea for 2 weeks, so, see ya later (or not).
  • Rankings

    Gomenasai wrote: »
    Hold on, why did the Moderator removed the poll? and "Ignore this and doing shuffling"? am I reading right? O.o
    Is that like, some kind of a joke? instead of fixing the problem, just ignoring this and "doing shuffling"?
    To me it just seems like someone in here is trying to make fun of us.

    He already explained why he had to do some shuffling. It's not a joke. Don't go looking for arguments where there are none.

    No he did not explain why he had to do some shuffling and ignoring the problem, and yes it is a joke, and no you stop looking for arguments where there are none, you just hate on Gomenasai for no reason, please leave him alone or else I'll report you myself.
  • Rankings


    About Weekly and Monthly Player Rankings, please remove both of them.
    This is just so useless and causes a lot of problems here in Scania.
    I truly don't understand why nexon has made it from the first place, also 1 of my friends has quit becase of it (his haters discovered his main and caused him a lot of troubles).


    Instead of removing them, please fix them so they're not a security breach! and until that's done, please remove them.