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  • Removal of /Find command + Teleport rock option

    Nexon has removed the ./find which means from now on we can no longer ./find people/friends/hackers, in other words, hackers don't even need to bother to go on "Offline mode", because nobody can ./find them anymore and report them (though it was useless and pointless anyway, lol) but now hackers/botters are even more safe, because people can't even bother them now, hackers always won at the end, but this time they won BIG time, it's like they're (nexon) trying to protect hackers.... real absurd....
  • Flag Race - Remove Teleport Skills

    YinYangX wrote: »
    And what if you don't have a guild? or your guild is not that good with teleport skills?
    Give me a break! removing Teleport Skills is the best choice ever.

    The point of flag race is doing it with your guild to get points, hence if you don't have a guild, that's your fault, not Nexon's or everyone else's fault you have a dead guild.
    If your guild is not that good with teleport skills, again, that your fault. Not anyone else's fault that your guild doesn't know how to use an aspect of the race. Not like the guilds that are good with teleport skills have access to something you don't, they just trained/taught their members. Just cause you don't know how to use something doesn't mean it should be removed. That's like saying all jump quest floors should be removed from Tower of Oz cause some people aren't as good. Or every equipment should have same stats, same scrolling, and same pots cause some people aren't good with potting and scrolling. >.>

    And no, "keeping the Teleport Skills is the best choice ever". >.>
    Just cause you say something doesn't mean it's true.

    And you completely ignored the second half of my comment asking how you would make Flag Race teamwork oriented after removing tp skills. Along with what you just said, I'm assuming you're just a salty player cause you're in a dead guild and taking it out on the rest of the Flag Race community cause you can't do something by yourself when it's expected to do something as a team.

    The only reason you're agree to Teleport Skills is because you're one of those guys who use it, so it's not really worth talking with you about it.
    You're exactly like a lawyer in court, a lawyer will never admit that the side he's protecting, is the wrong one, and why? because he's getting paid.
    So it's the same way as you act, you're getting paid (you and your little guild members friends are teleporting together and love to win over others who doesn't have their guild members or just not that good enough with it, so you're basically taking a very big advantage in this "Flag" race) and that's why you'll never agree with the ones who are 100% right about this subject.

    Also think about it, why does it even call "Flag Race" from the first place? that's totally wrong, they should rename it "Teleport Race", cus this is totally NOT a real Flag Race.

    Don't bother to PM me back, I will not even bother to look at it, I'm also going to oversea for 2 weeks, so, see ya later (or not).

    Don't waste your time on the ones like him, they'll never agree, just as you said, they're lawyers, so it's a waste of time.
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    darik wrote: »
    Neospector wrote: »
    Er, why exactly are you buying a Fafnir weapon for 20b when the average cost of a clean weapon is typically ranging from 5m-20m (often on the lower-end of that scale)? I won't question your decision or anything, but Fafnirs are not typically worth twice the meso cap.

    Also, please do not accuse others of scamming on the forums. Report them in-game or file a ticket.

    It probably was 20b because it could have legendary potential and legendary bonus potential, idk if nexon is aware of this or not but the really good items with legendary pot/ legendary bonus potential are way avobe 10b or 30b(future meso cap increase) they are around 50b or even more, to avoid legit players get scammed by assholes something needs to be done( increase meso cap to 100b or even more or do something to fix the broken economy most servers suffer from).

    Yeah, everything in the fm is literally above 10b, which is really annoying too, everything is just overpriced!
    I've heard it's all because mesos rate is low, so the lower mesos rate is, the expensive things will get.
    Back then, a really godly weapon would cost only a few bils.

    I bet Nexon could fix everything in no time if they could at least take care of those hackers who spam their mesos sale sites, I mean, think about it, if hackers couldn't advertise that they're selling mesos (and couldn't advertise their sites), mesos prices should raise up to the sky and then the economy would change by a LOT.

    Speaking of hackers, why Nexon won't take care of all those mesos selling sites?
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    Peep wrote: »
    30 is still not enough. We needed 100b. There are items in this game on certain servers that exceed that value or get very close.

    Yes, you're definitely right, 30b is not enough AT ALL! we need 100b as soon as possible.
  • Raise Mesos Cap To 100B

    I mean, come on.... I just got scammed last night, supposed to buy a really nice Fafnir for 20b, so that kid from Bera, told me to go first and brought 2 vouchers, and they all were nice and seems pretty legit, so I decided to go first and paid him the first 10b, and when I went to the bank to grab the other 10b and came back, he disappeared along with his 2 vouchers (probably his friends, they all were in the same Guild called "Matcha") T_T

    I understand that 10b might not be a lot of mesos for a many people but for me, that's really a lot.

    So Nexon, I'm begging you, please raise the mesos cap from 10b to 100b.