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  • Kanna Revamp Changes

    Kishin has been further tested and is rather on par with what it was previously. At times you can get a slower respawn time, but it seems that this is more the case of server latency and your ping to the server, than to an actual change to the skill. More tests will be necesarry if you wanna determine a statistical difference in respawn time.

    To comment to the quotes on discord made of Arwoo:

    - Changing haku blessing to a flat bonus, will nerf a kanna by about 70% of its current damage (depends on your current haku fan)
    --> You remove an unique feature of the job, you can just put a clean fan on haku, haku already can only use m.att % as potential (very hard to get), players spent a lot of money already on their haku fan.
    - Changing Haku blessing to simply a lower % will nerf kanna significantly as well.
    - The boost Kanna gained so far are absolutely necesarry for Kanna to be more competitive compared to other mages. Let me quote from the patch notes:
    • Kanna’s stats will be increased to make her more competitive and balanced with other Magician jobs.

    We all know Haku's blessing is a massive buff currently for mages partying with Kanna. To adress this Haku's blessing could be reverted to its non-party state again as it was in the past. This seems the best way to balance out party's as well as keeping Kanna's gameplay intact as it stated in the patch notes Kanna's stats will be increased.

    Reducing Haku's blessing in any form for Kanna itself, will probably mean Kanna mains won't be viable at all anymore. Since they currently really need the current listed buffs to be even compettive with bishops in terms of solo damage output. We all know Bishops are not particularly the strongest job in the game.
  • Kanna Revamp Changes

    So let's see if we can figure out all Kanna changes that have been made with their revamp, since the patch notes didn't mention them. Than maybe when the patch goes live Arwooo can use these for the actual patch notes.

    Patch notes kanna changes:
    • All jobs receiving some skill revamps to improve the balance between jobs.
    • Both Kanna and Hayato are receiving skill revamps to adjust their skills’ stats, balance, energy cost, and more.
    • Kanna’s stats will be increased to make her more competitive and balanced with other Magician jobs.

    Actual changes:
    1st job:
    Shikigami Haunting:
    - Larger hitbox (goes for all shikigami's job 1-4)

    Ether Pulse (teleport):
    - Less delay upon casting skill (not certain)

    Haku;'s gift:
    - +10 INT, 100 defense

    2nd job:
    Shikigami charm:
    - Passively gives -15% damage intake

    Nimbus curse:
    - More lines of damage

    3rd job:
    Soul Shear:
    - Passively gives 30% Final Damage

    Lifeblood Ritual:
    - Removed healing aspect at bosses (didn't work proper in past)
    - Passively gives 30% status resistance

    Spirit Path:
    - +15% Critical Damage

    Kishin Shoukan:
    - Number of mobs in map +50% --> +70% (reverted back to old values)
    - Respawn rate of Kishin seems to be 3240ms

    However there is a large variety, due to a higher ping and higher server latency, the respawn rate seems to differ between 3240ms and 4000ms mostly. (additional testing would help to see if its related to latency at times or that its not consistant on 3240ms respawn rate).

    Kishin test:

    4th job:
    Haku Perfected:
    - Gives now 5% Final Damage for each party member for Kanna when sharing Haku's buffs with party members (Haku Reborn icon top right)

    Vanquisher Charm:
    - Damage 235 --> 242%

    - Fan Mastery 65% --> 70%

    Nine Tail Fury:
    - Cooldown 500s --> 325s

    Demon's Fury:
    - Damage 190 --> 200%

    Shocking Shikigami Haunting:
    - Per Shikigami Haunting Damage: 115% -> 120% (Total Damage Increase: 240% -> 255%)

    Current bugs:
    - Soul Shear gives 30% damage, while description indicate 30% FD should have been given (is reported).
    - Both barriers transparancy still not working.
    - At Cygnus Empress when blackhearted curse triggers monkey spirit it will kill you if Cygnus has Damage Reflect active (monkey spirit should not be affected by DR) - Needs testing!!!.
    - Haku's Perfected: Shows 0% IED instead of 40%.
    - When having several Kanna's in the same party, haku's blessing override each other. (you get the buff of the one last cast).

    - Make Soul Shear Toggleable.
    - Node for Black hearted curse and Kishin

    Since my main didn't copy over as Luna player, I started from fresh, currently just reached 4th job and will test more once I'm higher level, but your input is more than welcome!
  • Important Notice in Regards to PTS Accessibility

    Dear Nexon,

    Just a moment ago the news came to me that the PTS was unavailable for players in Luna and Reboot. As a fellow Luna player this made me quite sad. We went through the effort of applying for the PTS, which at first was not even working properly, a bypass to this was to make a level 1 character in any NA server. Than today we got the news that a majority of the player base was excluded from the PTS.

    I always thought that since the migration last year, it was the idea to make GMS one large big community/family. Therefore I hope for the players in Luna as well as Reboot that this issue can be resolved before the PTS gets opened for players to test. Cause to my understanding you only have to copy over characters and after that you can give everyone premade gear on the PTS to test any occuring bugs in the PTS of new patches. By leaving out your 2 biggest servers in GMS you exclude so many players, to possibly help you out testing as well as their knowledge of the game and knowing their specific classes to make it easier to test content on a new test server.


    A saddened Luna Player
  • Combine the all the regular worlds into 1 world.

    Having 1 regular server would be the best for the game for sure, however this will not be an easy task to do so. Although now we have it in Europe with Luna I must say it's a big improvement that having 2 seperate worlds.

    - All servers need to be merged
    - All guilds and alliances have to be remade
    - Everyones buddylist will be cleared out
    - More channels would have to be added to the game (20 --> 50-100)
    - More bossing channels

    There won't be a character limit confusion since this is 40 chars (41 with Cadena), if you have multiple chars you can chose to keep them since all will be probably moved, however you will be unable to make Cadena than. Therefore you will need to delete any additional chars above 40 to be able to create Cadena in future. Which was also the case for Luna. Most players could have had 80 chars, but players quickly cleaned it up to 40, to be able to make new jobs.

    There will be 0 legion limit confusions as this is limited to your account level, which tells how many chars you can place on the grid. Yes technically your account level will be higher with more chars, but you are limited to the amount of chars you can place on the grid and for each job you can only get their grid bonus once. Higher level characters give more pieces to fill in the grid., so in the end you wanna clean up your account anyway to 40 chars.
  • Anyone else think the wonderoid thing is too hard?

    Event is not worth doing, if you have to do a silly jump quest combined with a tag system android. I'm not a fan of jump quests and don't think it's worth going through all the effort for just a couple untradeable androis/hearts. Sad thing is it was the only good part of this patch, rest was absolutely underachieving, this event is ruined for me now.