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  • MapleStory Community Survey Results and Plans

    Thank you for the survey results.

    I still got a couple of questions left related to this and the way I filled it in.

    1. In the case of transparancy, would it be possible to get total amount of bans like now, divided per server?

    2. How many GMs do we have for Maplestory and how much time do they spent online on servers (GM events excluded)?

    3. Are our GMs for Maplestory only working on Maplestory or also on other games?

    4. If I see obviously someone breaking the rules of the game and report him, why do I get answers back that further investigation is needed and when this exact same person is insulting GM's at a later time, by using smega's during a GM-event why was there no action taken (Luna, 30 April 2017)

    5. I saw Combat Arms a different Nexon game has User Reports, since its the same company why can't we have something like that on our Maple forum?

    6. Would it be possible for the GM's to be more known when they online? Our previous EMS GMs used to smega when they were online, banning hackers as well as helping out any players which needed their help.
  • [Luna] LF > DRPQ group, 1 run for leafre codex

    Enjoy your Leafre set!
  • Kingsday events

    Hello fellow maplers,

    Today as you all know it is Kingsday in the Netherlands, a special day for us dutch people and we used to have a nice event for it in EMS.
    Since we all now a global community I still think it would be nice too incooperate these events to GMS. Not only the Kingsday event, but as well the other important cultural events, like e.g. oktoberfest.

    Here is a video by Okhura of last years Kingsday event in EMS:

    So please add more cultural events, they are important to us and make the game more fun!
  • Weekly Ban Data: 04/13/2017 - 04/19/2017

    Of those 171 bans unfortunately none got banned on Luna. If would be nice if GM's actually visit Luna and are more actively banning, instead of only comming online for GM events at the wrong time and than not showing up on the actual time the event was supposed to be.
  • Training Guide (1-250)

    For Kerning Tower, I would say only do the quests there and than move on to the next map. Should bring you about 145 -> 150. You can make a start on the temple of time quests after or if you have enough range do a couple of horntails. Really nice exp from Horntail on those levels.