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  • Thoughts on Kanna and Fury Totem Changes

    Fuhreak wrote: »

    I believe I have been summoned to speak against that. I won't pretend that lying to consumers and what Nexon is doing is okay.
    But I will repeat for the millionth time that I do want a 1:1 GMS:KMS service.

    It's actually better if we don't become a 1:1 copy of KMS. If that were to happen, we'd lose out on Gollux and Sweetwater equips, items that make it much easier to get stronger in our server vs Korea. We'd also lose out on tier 4 potentials (13% and 10% stat rolls), which have their stat boosts add up fast. Our attack speed cap would also be changed to 2, which is a huge loss in DPS.

    We'd also lose out on our higher tier rates than KMS too. Progressing would become much more difficult unless you whale or grind your brains out.

    We'd also have to lose the four classes that KMS doesn't have. They don't have Hayato, Kanna, Jett, or Beast Tamer. And removing them from the game would be a sure fire way to make players quit.

    KMS is popular, and well run, but the MMO culture over there is different from the West. Western players aren't as willing to spend copious amounts of time or money on an online game.

    If we want the benefits of KMS, especially in a 1:1 server, we'd also have to inherit the downsides of playing KMS too. And I think at this point, the cons of being 1:1 with KMS far outweigh the pros.
  • These 11 digit damage numbers are overkill! Wth!?

    Games change. People and classes get stronger. Move on.

    If you're bothered by big numbers covering the screen that much, set your damage effect to mini blade. This way you can see, and continue living in the past.

    Do you really want to keep playing the same game you did 10+ years ago?
  • Removing Trade from all servers

    Dax... please reconsider your suggestion.

    It's not just the endgame players that trade to make progress. People use the Auction House/trade to get gear they can't fight the bosses for (like faf, abso). People trade for supplies. People trade so they don't have to endure the grind Reboot has to face, without the enhanced drop rate.

    Limiting trade for everyone would absolutely ruin regular servers. The only thing your suggestion would do is stop the cost of equipment RMT. There's a reason people in reg servers don't play Reboot.
    Daxterbeer wrote: »
    If you want to get stronger, stop grinding a consider taking in a profession and making your own cubes and flames. Maybe go out of your way and mine and dig up anything in maple world and kill bosses for cubes. Any alternative is to invest coins in Legion shop. You can go very far without trading anything with players even in a non-reboot setting.

    At that point you might as well play Reboot. At leas there you can get cubes and easy access to flames with meso.

    This is a terrible take, Dax.
  • Revamped Balrog

    It's not so much about being boring, but more about practicality. There are bigger fish to fry now instead of Balrog, and revamping him would take time away from things that could use fixing/revamping more.

    If they do have an idea of what to do with him in the future he'll get revamped, but I don't think your suggestion now would be the way to go. Bosses now have more of a focus on mechanics instead of big, unavoidable attacks and damage reflection.
  • Keeping Some Older Classes Relevant

    Adele is the newest character and they always tend to be overpowered on release. But Paladin is more than able to keep its own in its current state, and I think it's actually the best mobber of the three explorer warriors.

    As for ultimate adventurer skills, I don't think there's a reason buff them at this point. The quest takes far too long to be worth completing, and the explorer classes already have access better tools in their skillsets. Yes it'd be nice, but there are more important things to focus on than legacy content.