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  • Client and latency stability is GARBAGE

    Othidist wrote: »
    You won't want my world famous guacamole with that much salt already on your plate.
    If your point is to de-rail this thread you aren't getting that far. If you don't have anything constructive besides flame-baiting you should step out of this thread.
    On another note the servers went garbage tier again. The lag is unbearable and quite literally unplayable. These types of inconveniences is exactly why the player-base is so negative. Great game, extremely poor service. Bad. Sad.

    Chu Chu Party Quest, kill mobs 10 etc items drop. Can't loot even 1 item.
    Bossing... no comment.
    Did I mention that it takes at least 10 seconds for the mobs to register dead one by one?

    Like this isn't even considered a standard or under-standard. If this was every other online game this would be marked as a major issue that should be investigated and fixed ASAP once they figured out the root cause.

    Unfortunately that ISN'T the case as we've had these issues ever since V Patch. Imagine how many returning players and new players would have quit by now because of this "inconvenience". I dare to say that there was a loss instead of a gain for the community, and if there was any gain, we gained more botters and hackers instead of real players. Because Nexon isn't taking enough action to getting any sort of issue resolved at any standard level.

    It's laughably pathetic how many people have reported all sorts of issues with little to no resolve. The best resolve we may ever get is that "this is being looked into" without any other response after that. That has been happening for years if not a decade already, and that's only the surface of problems.
  • Ranged job can't solo Magus for 5th job advance

    @YinYangX I ran some tests with Arcane River monsters dealing 1 damage. You need to have over 100 AF (Arcane Force) of the AF required to take only 1 damage. For example the Cave of Repose requires 80 AF. In theory 180 AF is required for monsters to only deal 1 damage to the player.

    I have 210 AF currently and monsters who deal more than 1 damage than me is the monsters in Skywhale Mountain which is +160 AF, Lachelein, and Hidden 360 AF areas.

    For the Magnus difficulty it didn't mention any, but any mode counts.
  • Maybe, I was wrong.

    I recently watched and read an AMA from KThxBaiNao.

    There were a few things I've noticed:
    Nexon does. Or at least there are people that do. It's not really different from any other company. There are always people that care, it's just always a matter of balancing the pros and cons of every decision.
    But yes, Nexon does care and they do listen to their playerbase.
    ... I was fully prepared for any roadblocks that I might have encountered at Nexon. And truthfully? There were far less that I was expecting. They were incredibly cooperative and oddly supportive of a lot of the initiatives and plans I proposed to them.
    I definitely think that Nexon America has been growing and improving over the years. I can't say with absolute certainty that things have changed since his time, but I feel that they have been getting better for everyone. For Nexon, its employees, and the community itself.
    Nexon isn't actually as messy everyone thinks it does. It's like most major companies, in that there are a lot of procedures and processes that certain things have to go through. Sometimes the delay in things happening seems like it's due to a company being dysfunctional, but I'd attribute it to the approval processes for certain things.
    I think a lot of this is "selection bias"
    There are quite a few instances where Nexon has been incredibly transparent both during and before my time there. The problem is that you don't always hear about these moments because people are typically quieter and less likely to post about things when they're satisfied.
    I know that I'm more likely to leave a negative Yelp review of a restaurant than I am a good one.
    I mean it doesn't get rid of the fact there are issues with transparency or complete utter silence. But maybe I can tone down the bias of Nexon America not knowing what to do or always being against the players.

    I don't understand, if that's really the case... why is the game and community in such in a negative state as many posts throughout the main forums and various fan-sites.

    Maybe I'm just thinking too much.
  • Treat the community with some respect

    I feel like the rest of the Nexon Staff don't even bother to read or understand what the forum members post, let alone play the game. That recent livestream felt either incredibly laughable or totally disrespectful.


    The new restriction how the Community Manager(s) can no longer help with game issues is quite pathetic too considering the lack of transparency. If Nexon is that incompetent, that hype through Social Media would be for nothing if players are treated like garbage such as compensation of lost items thorugh Feddrick to be in the form of Maple Points instead of the actual item. How about the lag that lasted the whole week? Europe Migration issues?

    Now this coin cap from Shining Santa Boxes, has Nexon even considered the consequences of implementing this limitation? Nope probably not. Do the math and then look at the prices of items in the shop. Don't force people to scrap every last bits of events like Rice Cake Coins. Oh wait, Nexon just did.

    Probably just want to lock Gollux off for horrible RNG Marvel Machine just to make money. Or will be the excuse, "just a coincidence"?

    It doesn't feel like Nexon even properly care for players regardless if they buy NX or not. If you want to have a better reputation, treat us like actual people instead of some money making machine of children. And maybe we'll treat you properly too.
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  • Birth of an Alliance - Evan?

    After completing your First Job Advancement as Evan you need to complete all of these Quests. This list may not be accurate to the present so take it with a grain of salt.
    • Baby Dragon Awakens
    • Hungry Baby Dragon
    • A Bite of Hay
    • A Bite of Pork
    • Tasty Milk 1
    • Tasty Milk 2
    • Tasty Milk 3
    • What is a Dragon Master?
    • Strange Pigs 1
    • Strange Pigs 2
    • Letter Delivery
    • Mushrooms Instead of Meat!
    • The Dragon Master's Calling
    • Rina's Worries
    • Become a Hero
    • Delivering Maya's Porridge
    • Rina's Introductions
    • Chief Stan's Test
    • Chief Stan's Request
    • Kidnapping of Camila
    • Reason for the Golem's Change
    • Eliminate the Golems
    • Weirdness in Henesys
    • Strange Puppet
    • Ayan's Request
    • Helping Beginner Adventurers
    • Helping Beginner Adventurer Christopher
    • Maintaining Warning Signs
    • Strange Ghost Stumps
    • Please Catch the Thief
    • Clue about the Thief
    • The Culprit in the Cave
    • Puppet Caring for his Master 1
    • The Returned Herbs
    • Kerning City's Honor Restored
    • Puppet Caring for his Master 2
    • Condition for Joining the Secret Organization 1
    • Condition for Joining the Secret Organization 2
    • Permission to Join the Secret Organization
    • Secret Organization's First Mission
    • Secret Organization's Second Mission
    • Delivering the Black Key
    • Question about the Secret Organization
    • Before Receiving the Secret Organization's Third Mission
    • Secret Organization's Third Mission
    • Releasing the Free Spirits
    • Eliminating Door Blocks
    • Suspicions about the Secret Organization
    • Secret Organization's Fourth Mission
    • Secret Organization's Fifth Mission
    • Dangerous Premonition
    • Voice of the Sleeping Dragon
    • The Past, Onyx Dragons, Black Mage
    • Unavoidable Truth
    • Rage
    • Town Filled With Suspicion
    • Who Should We Be Angry At?
    • Meet Hiver 1
    • Meet Hiver 2
    • Into the Mine
    • Claudine, Lady of Mystery
    • IF we really do have the same enemy.